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Up to a point Mr Becket. She gets it, the site technology is supreb. Most people don't have feed readers or monitor Twitter like us news junkies. I think the likes of me and Mr Holy Moly recognise a real competitive threat when we see it. She already has huge UK traffic. I love a good fight


It would do the people of soppy Liberal Lewes good to visit Sandwell. I am rather pleased with Labour loyalists at the moment. Supporting a system that would have turned Labour away form the 4,000,000 lost educationally and otherwise impoverished voters and towards Liberal second choices would have been an outright betrayal of Labour`s raison d`etre ( if it has one .We have avoided an inward looking elitist stitch up and retained a real accountable choice . Under AV only a centrist mush would have counted so well done Bob.Where you were dead right was the insufferable arrogance of the Polly Toynbee brigade and it goes on. Their descriptions of the real Labour Party irritated me so god knows what it felt like to a Labour Party supporter .I think you have to accept that it was not a good night for Labour though, at this stage the Polls are grim and IMHO its simple. You spent too much , everyone knows it and until,l that is accepted and put to rest you are going nowhere. …but then I would say that ….


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If only there were more clever people like you!


That's a knowing answer to a difficult question

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