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Compulsory pensions are another stealth tax on private sector employers and workers. Which DC has said to support. Our compulsory pensions will not be 'invested' into the 'public sector benefits fund' in order to give us a guaranteed gold plated return. It's a con to get another 6 - 12% tax off us and wouldn't work unless were applied to the self employed by the same doubling percentage e.g. 3% as en employee, 3% as an employer of oneself. If we are all forced into this perhaps the public sector workers should have their pension invested in the same scheme so that government ministers can't tax our money without taxing theirs.

It's all double standards, the government, if a private company, would be closed down and Chiefs jailed for promising what they won't be in a position to deliver for the next 40 years. How does the governments current use of the Public sector pensions differ from what Maxwell did with the pension contributions at the Mirror?

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