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Thanks for this Tim.

Can you add more examples or get other bloggers to give more definitions because I'm trying to work out where I sit. You see, Boris Johnson a while ago had a 'test', if that's the right word, with questions to see where you sat on a graph of four quarters, Tony Blair was in the upper right quadrant towards the lower x axis. If Mr Johnson still has this 'test' you could add it to this website with just the four leadership candidates placed on (and perhaps the other prominent supporters of each candidate)

henry curteis

I think that a belief is private enterprise should still just about still get a mention under right wing. Although at one time that earned a tag of left wing, when the growth of business was seen as a threat to the established position of the aristocracy.

The enemy of private enterprise today is not so much the left in terms of punitive taxation, over-powerful trades unions - but now the enemy of business is excessive regulation. The growth rate of businesses is a key component of productivity, and due to regulation the growth rate of business once so good in the 1990's is now stalling under the weight of regulation - as predicted.

Gordon Brown/Blair claim to want to see productivity improving, and yet he and Labour have overseen the creation of a vast new regulating industry - which is destroying the enterprising spirit of British business.

Most of the regulation originates in the EU - and so letters of complaint to MP's about plain stupid regulation or regulatory practice, are usually replied to with 'there is little I can do about this as we are obliged by our Treaty obligations.' Up until 1992 a letter to an MP would often sort out troubles at local level. Not any more.

The first job for MP's is to repatriate powers and get control of our lives again. Or we will see an increasing collapse of our economy in the future.

Is the attempt to repatriate powers Right wing? Not really. It is just as popular a policy with the likes of Tony Benn, Arthur Scargill as it is with UKIP, IDS and many Conservative MP's. It is wing-neutral. Common sense in fact, but not to the media who are in the pay of the corruption system.

The other big problem with the EU is its corruption. Opposing this is surely not left wing - but the media who claim that anti-EU folk are right wing, are by definition calling pro-corruption candidates/politicians such as Ken Clarke, Tony Blair as left wing. As all the corruption is rewarding the wealthy and the privileged of the EU and its cronies, this surely is the biggest volte face of the left/right concept since its inception in the 1790's.


Great, thanks for the external link - it was the Political Compass I was thinking about - I wonder where DC, LF, DD and KC sit on this Compass I would like to know how close to where I appear to be that they are?

Adan Dixon

Yes, http://www.politicalcompass.org/
this website is a very good test to do to know how you actually swing.

With centre left - Lib dems and Greens are about localism and progressive policy which is admirable. Whilst labour on the other hand is about centralization and was doing deregulation of banks, so it was hardly left wing or libertarian. I think people of all political stripes realize that localism is essential as with a population of 70 million nearly, not everyone is going to agree with the central government and thus local solutions to local problems is on order.

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