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Hi Toby,This global news map has ineded driven a lot of online conversations last week. It is a good reality check that shows how much is left to do with environmental issues.If not on your reading list already, I highly recommend you to have a look at this , which explores human responses to environmental issues and the issues behind the state of news coverage of climate change. A MUST read.Enjoy, and, as always, thanks for the interesting thoughts and posts,Perrine


G’day Scott, good to meet you today at the show. I read a few articles and I was very impressed. The high quality of both pictures, paper quality are right on. Little touches like the shiny whiting on the cover separate it from the rest of the many other magazines.I think today you have to stand out, and this effort does the job. For anyone reading Starlo is right in that if we want to see this magazine in the future and get better you must order subscriptions.For me Scott the Whiting and the Bass articles were best. Offshore shots of the snapper and seeing big Jew with 50lbs mono swallowed deep was the weakest part of the mag.I thoroughly enjoy all Starlos articles be it written or on screen so keep him coming. You also referred to line clas in kgs and not lbs. I am an extremely keen sportfisherman and mostly fish 1 lbs fireline. This year I have landed a 63 cm GT , and 112cm Giant Herring on the Gold Coast on that line class. As I wrote to John ” fishing DVD ” I would really like to see a special article like Gh on light line or a gold coast Seaway Tarpon. Something in high quality would be awesome.Congrats on the big effort, well done, look forward to the rest of them. Enjoy living the Dream.I could give some advise on where and when they are chewing locally if you come to town for anarticle.Regards Wade Lofthouse

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