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Blogging was obviously going to suit the right which beeveils in the individual whereas the left likes everything to go through eight well funded committees before you actually say anything .I see the fact the left are so absent as a class issue. The group who have been out of power for the last ten years are above all the lower middleclass. Those above , Cameron you might say , and Blair and Harman etc. ally with the poor' to remove their money and by acts of cultural elitism also their voice .The chief organ of this cultural attack has been the states funded media the BBC still an overwhelming behemoth but these discordant voices were airbrushed out of almost all pubic discourse. This became dominated by the so called progressive agenda of victims , sensitivities and mangerialist contempt for those they see as their inferiors . These Kulak inferiors' however, , are often as well educated and as articulate as their betters .It was an unstable dam to build and the rage pouring from its breech has visibly shocked the BBC now belatedly apologising in its commissioning. Too late I fear. The working classes still lack the confidence to throw of the intellectual and moral knots the patrician establishment have tied them in but I think it will come and the expulsion of Labour from all but the imperceptive in England is a slow electoral fact often not mentionedI can answer you funding point easily enough with reference to the New Statesman , Compass , Labour Home The Guardian and the BBC. In fact as almost all Conservatives are busy working its amazing that we have the predominance that we enjoy .Its not easy providing for a family as well as four or five socialists filling in forms. It left me no time for doing my blog.Where do Labour go from here Bob ? I think they have to be able to say the words tax cut and mean it before they will even get a hearing . The Conservative brand is still weak and Brown was a gift , he is so left Cameron can talk about stopping things getting worse on tax and control and deliver the entire right of centre vote without having to chuck a single public sector gaping beaked cuckoo out of the nest.Yet. !Perhaps its time for a new name ? Middle-aged Labour ?

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