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Thomas O. Meehan

You can't be erious. Perhaps cartoon conservatism would be more appropriate. An ethnocentric movement founded by Trotskyites and advocating anti-burkean revolutionary adventures overseas isn't conservative in any sense of the word. As a "caveman conservative," I wonder why British Conservatives would wish to enlist on the sinking ship of the neo-cons. They have succeeded in wrecking the easily lead Bush and with Murdock money have helped to discredit conservative journalism in America.

Bryn Jones


describes itself as conservative.

It feels sick to me.

Jon Gale

The basic tenet of Conservatism is that revolutions should be avoided at all costs as it leads to a break-down of society, inevitable reign of terror, and dicatorship.

Neoconservatives advocate invading and overthrowing dictatorships to liberate their oppressed peoples.


one can't strike anehtor with a HAMMER has not regulated the HAMMER but PEOPLE the whole Libertarian NeoCon nonsense dilebrately confuse this issue so I can regulate and infringe upon what people sell and how they sell it without infringing upon THE MARKET nor enslaved my breathern The syndicalists want to transform it into a producers’ democracy. YES this is the point of anarchosyndiclism This idea is fallacious, for the sole end and purpose of production is consumption. I for the life of me have no earthy idea what this means this does not remove in the least Democratic Production should bow before Democratic Consumption sorry there is nothing to this arguement other than one of aesthetics he/she favors Consumption because he likes it, ?I favor Production because I like it and would bet dollar to donuts that if the Consumption was based on Democratic principles and not monatary one's he/she wouldn't favor democratizing what the Market is geared towards so I maintain its a false arguement and intellectually dishonest as I maintain a good chunk of the author's other points In [the syndicalist's] eyes the individual plant or workshop as it exists and operates today is a permanent establishment. It will never change. It will always turn out the same products. He ignores completely the fact that conditions are in a ceaseless flux, and that the industrial structure must be daily adjusted to the solution of new problems. No Sysndiclist would ever make this arguement it is a cariciture of the ideology quite the opposite syndiclist would say that one demands more democratic control because of the need to continuously adapt to changing material conditions sorry Democratic institution can closer reflect changing dynamics in a community or society the any form of hierachical one yes decession making is easier in autocratic ones (BIDDNESS as it is now constituted is autocratic at its best and totalitarian at its worst) but history has shown us that Autocratic bodies change slower than democratic ones.the author I believe is not engaged in meaningful discussion but grinding axes COOL I do this from time to time but hope I try to maintain some semblance intellectual honesty I may cliff notes my oppositions ideas but do not completely reframe them to suit my ends my ideology is not set in granite but is hard enough to sustain me through life and I recognize the flaws in my philosphies


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You know what, I'm very much inclined to agree.

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