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Stephen Alley

Does the "soft power" and "hard power" argument of Joseph Nye articulated in his 2002 book "The Paradox of American Power: Why the World's Only Superpower Can't Go It Alone", really need to be recast in terms of sexuality. Is anything to be gained by once again deploying a sexual metaphor. Or is it just a weak excuse to meaninglessly bash a "soft power" approach as feminine, queer and metrosexual.

James Schneider

Metrosexuals do well with women. They get a lot of sex. Therefore, they have a release of their pent up anger and don't have to go to war quite so much to demonstrate that they are still real men.

On a serious note, what evidence was there for terrorist training camps in Iraq. There are terrorist cells in Luton, should that be carpet bombed too?

By the way, Afganistan was approved by the UN so using it in the same bracket as Iraq so you look bigger, stronger, and more of an UN renegade is a bit pathetic.

Why do you laugh at attempts to find the cause of problems and fix them? That is the long term solution. Admittedly you don't get to dress up in soldiers uniforms, which I'm sure Mark Steyn and George W are quite partial to.

Apologies if I have been offensive. I simply can't stand all of this neo-con aren't-we-so-butch-and-manly rubish.


Okay this is weird you use a lot of the same products we use. LOL. We buy that gel a lot of the time, I MUST have Head & Shoulders as my shmoapo, (but I switch between conditioners all the time.) The apricot face scrub has saved my life. LOL. I can't believe I'm 32 and still trying to prevent acne but using that scrub once a day has almost totally eliminated that problem for me. (BTW the store brand face scrub works just as well!) As for the Aveeno shaving cream that stuff is nice but I don't usually splurge on it. I just use soap.Carlos is also obsessed with Q-tips. LOL.So excited about the weekly vlogs. I love seeing you face-to-face. Lot's of fun!

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