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Oh my, why am I seeing this just as I am out the door to dinenr (which is promised to be e0 la plancha, a healthy version of BBQ)? Thank you so much for asking, BLW (initials far more important that LBD) here is my majorly self-edited comment for that article: In the last ten years, I have seen the shift in shopping carts here in France. Before, it was yes, all fruits and veggies, meats and fish, things for cooking. Now, I see little but processed foods and a few basics. And so much soda! Something I never saw in the past. Yes, families still eat together but what they are eating has changed as their time together has been limited (both parents working, an increase in after school activities for the children), just as with the family in the article. Nor do I hear of people reuniting with their extended families for the big Sunday dinenr anymore. Things are changing rapidly and while the people I know are still extremely proud of their culinary heritage, I see very few putting it into practice on a regular basis. And yes, I have noticed that both adults and especially children are much heavier than they used to be. Kids are fat here now, often. As in all of the kids on my block save for the little guy downstairs who is raised by his strict Grandmother. I see a LOT of overweight adults, especially younger women they don't seem to be particularly hung up about it either. And yes, I do believe it is the stress and yes, I have also read that HALF of young couples today are simply too tuckered to have sex on any sort of regular basis. And so where are they turning to for their extra little plaisir ? Yep, le snacking. This is what I see here in my small town in Provence and I imagine that the others could have a different take entirely. But I don't honestly see that my contemporaries cling to any of the famous French cultural icons things are changing at the speed of light. To end with something positive, I do see even the busiest of families at least trying to eat together, even if that means they are heating something up rather than cooking. I actually don't think that I know of any family that doesn't eat toghether, just like I did every night in the Midwest while growing up. PS. My teeth were clacking too hard to type after reading yesterday's post. Thank you for being so honest and so direct. Brave, brave lady.


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