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nothing about turning off afirftc lights. Bit of a silly statement of your part Councillor.The news element on Ealing Council's web site is awful. It's indefensible. Even Council Officers agree with me. Old' Eric Leach surely that's ageist! It's a bit like my calling you an ex-Lib Dem which according to others appears to be true. For my part it's true that I'm 64 years old.As for grumpy well what can I say? Dictionaries don't seem to define the word, but it could well apply to you if you don't get re-elected in May 2010. Carry on making enemies the way that you do and you could find yourself a non Councillor next year.Who are these residents that the Council surveys? I volunteered to be one of them but I've never been surveyed.It will indeed be interesting if one of the seven sets of afirftc lights to be turned off are at the Lido Junction in West Ealing. Instead of it being Russian Roulette for pedestrians there, it will extend this privilege to drivers as well.Up with afirftc lights where they are clearly appropriate.

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