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I agree with Fiona… well most of the time. Your point at the end sums up for me what this is all about. We are 21st Century Conservatives, connected to cunrert society. You don’t do this by saying your views are “mainstream” or be by claiming that your outlook is “conventional”. You do it by being mainstream and conventional, and I define these terms by looking at the UK as a whole not one segment of it. Where we will have to agree to disagree is that you can’t easily define any one person as being a this or a that. We are all more complex than that. This should not be a land grab between different sections, but a discussion of ideas


Thanks Julian – tried posting this comment to your blog, but couldn’t get a profile. Anyway ….I posted the Big Society Network launch document to see if we could spark some discussion pre-election on what’s needed at neighbourhood and national level to support social action, so we are a bit more warmed up for whatever government we get. I think there’s some good ideas in the Conservative proposals … and the Network … and some potential problems.Without more discussion there’s a danger, if the Tories win, that the unexamined package is handed to someone in Cabinet Office with instructions to come up with some quick announcements.If Labour is back the good will be binned with the less-good.I can understand social entrepreneurs being a little cautious about engaging too heavily one way or the other with the Tory plans, but the Network is billed as independent and so could provide a neutral space to develop more thought-out ideas.Thanks for getting us started.


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