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I am liking Mrs Morgan!

Elaine Turner

I think this piece very gossipy. I would be more interested to know what the two women did once they left university and what success they had achieved in work and what experience that gives them to be Ministers. I also think it might not be a kindness to give Minister's jobs to two people who won their seats from opposing parties last time, unless they did so with huge majorities, because I think it is up to them to concentrate on getting re-elected next time. If they are Ministers they can't nurse their constituencies to the same degree. There are other women who would be worth promoting and Andrea Leadsom has to be one of them.

David MacDonald

Does anyone in the Tory Party still care about anything other than homosexuality?

adrian clarke

The very idea of the post creates false equality and is at the heart of political correctness. Why should the cabinet consist of 33% women, why any , why not all. Surely being a member of any ruling group be it a cabinet or boardroom should depend entirely upon ability.


Mrs Morgan is excellent.


Andrea Leadsom is indeed excellent - but she is hardly a Cameroon; he's too gutless and unimaginative to promote her.

Elaine Turner

Out of curiosity, why isn't the response for comments in the same format as the normal threads? I prefer it when we can respond to other poster's comments.


Here we go again. Can I make a suggestion. Instead of boring the hell out of us with these perpetual articles promoting this woman MP or that (presumably because someone has a crush on them) why not at every reshuffle just list all the Tory female MP's discount the current Cabinet Ministers and those who have been previously been sacked or demoted plus MadNads (for obvious reasons), Sarah Wollaston (who is not one of them ~ open primary maverick dontcha know) and any other woman who has pissed Dave off and say that they are all tipped for promotion. In that way we only have to suffer one article of this "fanny fetish" and not the dozens of them most of which have little or no substance to them!

Baldwin, Harriett
Blackwood, Nicola
Bradley, Karen
Bray, Angie
Bruce, Fiona
Coffey, Therese
Crouch, Tracey
Dinenage, Caroline
Dorries, Nadine
Doyle-Price, Jackie
Ellison, Jane
Fullbrook, Lorraine
Gillan, Cheryl
Grant, Helen
Greening, Justine
Harris, Rebecca
James, Margot
Laing, Eleanor
Latham, Pauline
Leadsom, Andrea
Lee, Jessica
Leslie, Charlotte
Lumley, Karen
Macleod, Mary
Main, Anne
May, Theresa
McIntosh, Anne
McVey, Esther
Mensch, Louise
Miller, Maria
Milton, Anne
Mordaunt, Penny
Morgan, Nicky
Morris, Anne-Marie
Murray, Sheryll
Newton, Sarah
Nokes, Caroline
Patel, Priti
Perry, Claire
Rudd, Amber
Sandys, Laura
Smith, Chloe
Soubry, Anna
Spelman, Caroline
Truss, Elizabeth
Villiers, Theresa
Watkinson, Angela
Wheeler, Heather
Wollaston, Sarah

See its easy........


Tory women aren't where the power is: The Quad and Europe. Being in the cabinet is a bit like being a lower class man on the sinking Titanic. May is the only woman with any clout in this government. I rate Greening, but she's wasted in a department where money is being thrown at her. She's better when implanting cuts. Warsi wasn't popular in her previous role, but I think she'd make a good job at being Communities Sec or something. Truss should one day replace Gove.


I find Elaine’s comment very interesting about wanting to know what candidates have done following university. Its interesting given this is often raised as an issue when considerations of who should or shouldn’t be a Minister are being articulated. The usual thought process suggests we need more people with “real world” experience (never really defined). It’s actually a big problem for our party. We are populated with city bods, lawyers and bean counters. No different in my eyes to career politicians and bag carriers. The performance in government of such supposed private sector successes demonstrates that. We need to reach out and find the technical experts in their field...Perhaps this explains why Dr Wollaston is “maverick” in the eyes of the village...

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