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Anybody would be an improvement on the awful Nick Clegg.

adrian clarke

From what little I have seen from a great distance, I have continuously thought there is something special bout Mr Alexander. He always appears to have a boyish competency, without needing to be arrogant or agressive


Out of the frying pan and into the fire!!!

This man is totally without real experience in the business world. Six months as a pr man with the Cairngorm National Park certainly does not afford him any real background.

Mr Alexander is also a dab hand of using others to achieve his ends, added to the fact he has a very good marketing team. Ask those in the Highlands who watched him turn up for a photograph opportunity then lay claim to having solved their problems! Cant see him winning the seat in the next election as most in his constituancy feel betrayed by him.
He and his party are only self serving.

Sandy Jamieson

" Six months as a pr man with the Cairngorm National Park certainly does not afford him any real background" Probably about as challenging as Communications Director for Carlton Communications whatever that means while it looks like the Chancellor's never had a proper job-always a researcher


No, after Clegg the LDs will go left, probably Farron

Dave Bush

Coalition pillar? Coalition pillock more like. Beaker should join the tories, his natural home.


If this bombastic filibustering evasive person who rejoices in pensioner bashing comes to lead what is left of this sad pathetic bunch of hypocrites, he will lead them into the abyss of extinction!

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