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Chris Palmer

What is the event number Sam, I get a login screen...

Sam Coates


Rob Largan

Just filling out my Spring forum application, they couldnt have made it any more complicated could they.

James Maskell

Thanks for posting the profile.

Frank Young

At the risk of being mis interpreted (!) I’ve booked a double room at the Ibis Hotel 5 minutes from the G-MEX centre - it was the same cost as a single. If anyone wants to share and split the costs I’d be happy to do so.

I do hope this doesn't come across quite as gay as it sounds!!

Sam Coates

Julian H has added a photo

Sam Coates

Jonathan Sheppard is the first to add his favourite contributor.

Sam Coates

DVA has added a few of his favourite commenters to his profile too.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Thanks Sam.

Sam Coates

Rob Largan has bestowed honour on a couple of people too (about time too considering it was his idea)

Anyone read a good political book which they would like to review?

Rob Largan

I could be pursuaded to do a review of 'The Right Nation' it is one of the most important political books about American politics and a great read, as soon as I have finished my essays.

Rob Largan

Just got all th stuff for Spring forum.

Any more news on the CH social?

Deputy Editor

Simon Chapman has added to his profile.
If anyone would like to add a Major achievement in life question like a-tracy, please do - I'm happy for the profiles to have some flexibility.

I now can't make it to Spring Forum unfortunately, but we'll definitely sort out an informal meet-up.

Annabel Herriott

Sam! Thought you would sort out my typos!! Not to worry, But the worst one was serious minsed instead of serious minded. Perhaps I am rather serious minsed after all. Re the major achievment section suggersted by A-tracey - self deprecating folk like me couldnt handle it. You just might just get the own trumpet blowers!!

Sam Coates

With respect Annabel, I spent several long weeks sorting out your typos ;)
Sorry for missing "minsed" I think I assumed it was slang that I hadn't heard of!

Good to see Patsy, another women, being profiled today.

Simon C

I will be at the Spring Conference on Friday & Saturday. Any CH contributor who recognises me from my photo (taken only 5 years ago!) is welcome to come up & say hello. Especially if they are a pseudynomynous contributor. Selsdon, bring it on.

Annabel Herriott

yes, I noticed Simon C. but it was from the bus window, and we were setting off for Sale, Broadlands I think it was. You look just like your photo!

Samuel Coates

I'm sorry that I couldn't make it in the end - I have been sleeping in forests all week with the Oxford Officer Cadets! (thanks for letting me go Tim!)

I trust you all had a good weekend?

Next planned meet-up will be in June for the CH awards.

Annabel Herriott

So was it Simon Chapman or Simon Coates I saw from the bus. He was a dead ringer for Simon Chapman according to the photo. You two will have to start posting as Chapman S or Coates S!!

Rob Largan

I doubt anyone would have recognised me from my picture. My hair is a lot longer these days.

Simon C

"So was it Simon Chapman or Simon Coates I saw from the bus. He was a dead ringer for Simon Chapman according to the photo. You two will have to start posting as Chapman S or Coates S!!"

You might well have seen me Annabel. I tried to get on a bus, but all the seats were full. 4 buses had been ordered, but there was at least another busload left behind.

Deputy Editor

Who's Simon Coates?

Roger Steer

Last night I attended the Built to Last roadshow at the Peter Chalk Centre in Exeter with Oliver Letwin. I was grateful for the opportunity to discuss the document and appreciated Oliver's presentation of the thinking behind it.

During the period for questions and comment I made the following observation about point 7 under the heading “What we’re fighting for”. I said that I wanted to endorse the sentence “We believe in the role of government as a force for good”. My line of reasoning was as follows:

i) My sister-in-law says that she never votes. Her reason is that, “The two main parties are the same. There’s nothing to choose between them.”

ii) I reply to this that in fact this may be taken as the sign of a healthy democracy with a free press and broadcasting media. This promotes vigorous debate and it is to be expected that arguments will converge towards pragmatic solutions to many issues.

iii) Given this situation, one of the strongest cards the Conservatives have in presenting themselves to (in some respects) an increasingly thoughtful and well-informed electorate is this: Conservative MPs are less doctrinaire than many Labour and some Lib Dem MPs. This does not mean that they lack conviction but that they are wary of dogma. Therefore the Conservative Party is best equipped to arrive at good, well-thought out pragmatic solutions to problems including the unexpected ones that Governments have to tackle. So the Conservative should indeed be proud to stand on a platform of limited but good government.

Oliver replied by saying that he totally agreed with me and went on to say that there was a time that the Tories had a well-deserved reputation for economic competence and good (but limited) government. This had been lost partly as a result of the ERM debacle. There was now some evidence from the polls that we could win back this reputation.

What do others think?


Hello there.
Does anyone know which hotels in Bournemouth house which political correspondents? Are there separate ones for tv / newspapers?

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