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Rob Largan

Proposals for another Conservativehome meet up?

Why not have one 'tup north, would make a refreshing change, and lead the way in party democracy. All you southern shandy pants will just have to get the train up. ;)

Chris Palmer

So long as it's not London.

Daniel Vince-Archer

If it is to be held in London, could it be held on a weekend please?


I hugely enjoyed our meeting at the Horse and would be delighted to attend another.If I can be of any help in organizing Tim booking a room or ringing round do please ask me.If we are to get this of the ground I would suggest people email with their preferred venue.For me sadly it would be London.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"If we are to get this of the ground I would suggest people email with their preferred venue."

Looking through the profiles and from what I recall about our editorial team, the largest proportion of the regulars seem to live in/around London or along the M4 corridor, so London probably would be best unfortunately.

A visible presence for Conservative Home at party conference (or whatever is replacing it - any word on that?) would be good, although as I'm not a member of the party at the moment, I wouldn't benefit!

Sam Coates

I would have thought the next meet-up would be in London as it would be easier to organise, but as a Liverpudlian who used to feel slightly isolated from the London-centricity on these things, I do empathise with you! Perhaps when we get more profiles on here we will get a better idea of what other areas are populated by bloggers, and can arrange something accordingly.

The internet, this site, goes some way to balancing out this regional disparity in general though.

No events spring to mind which we could use as an excuse to get together in London... how about we just meet up in the Horse again sometime soon?

I would have thought less people would go on a weekend though.

Rob Largan

If it had to be in London, the only way I could ever go is if it was on a weekend. But the idea of meeting up to get drunk and discuss politics under the influence of alcohol is appealing.

Perhaps a whole series of nights out up and down the country could be arranged.
Bloggers local to each area could be responsible for arranging each night.
What do you think? A conservativehome tour of the UK?

Frank Young

Surely we could do something at Sprng Forum in Manchester?

James Maskell

On the subject of meeting up, how many people are going to the CF Conference in Reigate on Saturday? Im not sure if I can make it (Im moving at the moment and a twenty goes a long way towards paying a deposit).

Rob Largan

I think doing something after Spring forum would be a great idea. At least I would have no excuses for not going.


There are plans to go out for a curry in Redhill after the CF conference. I'm sure the more the merrier.

Contact Andy Mountney for more details

[email protected]

James Cleverly

Why don't we pick an area that has elections in May, let the know we are coming and tell them to get a couple of thousand leaflets ready. We can do a hour of work and then get pissed.

It will make us very popular with an association somewhere.

Rob Largan

Genius, utter genius!


James, is that conduct becoming an Officer and prospective MP!? I have to say I left our lunch last week feeling quite pissed too, but then ,I'm a lightweight drinker.

Sam Coates

I'm booking a place for us to get a drink, and possibly a speaker, at Spring Forum. Watch this space.

As for the campaigning idea, it could be a great laugh! It'd prob be best to work with the local in-the-knows on a Saturday campaign day, then go for a big social after which there would ideally be somewhere for some of us to lay our heads.

Andrew Woodman

Any idea what day that might be Sam? I'm not too far away from Manchester so could came up for the day.

Chris Palmer

For an application form for the Conservative party Spring Forum, see below:


Sam Coates

Well, the conference starts 10am Friday and finishes noon Saturday so Sat afternoon is probably the easiest time to get everyone together. Unless that is, people are around on Thursday night..

Rob Largan

The big question is, where would we go to drink in manchester? Not certain what the preferences of the people on this site are. Do we want hardcore dance, pop-indie, new indie, RnB, Screamo or just plain old canal street? Happy to help arrange, just tell me what the people want.

Frank Young

Canal Street!!! How inclusive is that!!!

Sam Coates

I went to Canal Street more than anywhere in Liverpool or Manchester last year due to the tastes of my Mancunian friends.. now more into Oldham St with its Jazz lounges.

It was rather a long shot but I searched for nearby Conservative clubs, nearest is by the Curry mile (Rusholme)!

Rob Largan

Canal Street is a good night out. A bit pricey but still good fun. Oldham Street and the rest of the Northern Quarter is excellent, escpecially if you are a big jazz fan. It all really depends on the preferences of those attending and the night which we go. Going to see a live band is also a possibility.

Chris Palmer

What sort of hotels are there to stay in around the area?

Andrew Woodman

I might come for the evening. Don't think I'll bother with the actual conference though.

Sam Coates

Try these Chris.

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