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David Banks

Thanks for all your contributions on the ongoing torch/logo saga. glad to see youtoo are of the lions and shields persuasuion. Aren't Ash's design's impressive! although presonally i would like something a bit more monumental - but hey its all about compromise.

David Banks


Cheers :)

I agree about Ash's logos. As I said, I think the trick in getting a good new logo will be to integrate the liony-shieldy and dolphiny-oaky elements...

David Banks

With this much wildlife it sounds like we need David Attenborough not David Cameron..


A useful resource for understanding why the "War on Terror" isn't working is William Lind's 'on war' archive:


Simon Newman

Update 27th May 2007.

I feel this needs an update as my comment on Cameron - "I'm enthused by his fresh and positive attitude" - is no longer entirely accurate, given recent comments.

Here's what I posted today:

Matthew Oxley:
"It almost seems now as if the focus of the editor have shifted from giving the members a voice, towards keeping the members (particularly the right) quiet."

My impression is that it's more that the party leadership has lurched heavily to the left, into BBC-Observer-Guardian land, and this, for some strange reason, is making party members unhappy.

Personally I'm aghast, strange to think that when I joined the Conservatives at the end of 2005 I worried they might be too right wing for me!! I'm not sure what to think. This stuff might play well in the left wing media but it seems well to the left of what most of the people of Britain believe, at least outside of inner London.
Even if I weren't a Conservative I'd be worried about what it means for democracy when all three of the national parties are running on left-wing platforms.

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