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Simon Chapman

Why did you stand against Fiona Bruce, rather than support her campaign, Paul?

Paul Kennedy

At the time, I stood against the two main parties as well as the Lib Dems and UKIP, as I deemed no party worthy of my vote and as I have always voted in the past I had no option other than to stand myself and put my money where my mouth was, a rare concept nowadays. My campaign was not anti any other candidate, but rather about the state of our democracy. Approximately 40% of Warrington South's electorate also felt the same although they neither voted for me, which was my hope as in effect I was the "non of the above candidate", nor stood themselves. The small number of votes I polled had no effect at all on the outcome which was fair, I would of course have liked to have beaten UKIP and even better retained my £500 deposit, but such is life. Interestingly had I have stood on a single big local issue, I no doubt would have done a lot better, however no such issue existed.

Victoria Street

A sad and revealing fact is that the Labour MP for Warrington South - who beat you by 18,168 votes - was also born in November 1956.

Paul Kennedy

Yes 4 days after I was, but the number 13 has not been unlucky for her. ;)

Interestingly, Helen Southworth thought she might well lose the election and for a time at the count it looked that way. She realised that she was going to lose a fair number of votes to the Lib Dems over Iraq, which in fact she did, about 4,000. The forthcoming boundary changes to Warrington South are likely to favour Labour.

Paul Kennedy

PS Victoria, according to my records Mrs Southworth actually polled 18,519 more votes than me, although it was kind of you to reduce the level of my defeat. I was the Independent, rather than the UKIP candidate who indeed did poll 18,168 votes less than her. ;)

Simon Chapman


Thank you. Please could you give a little more detail though. I was interested that, as someone who describes himself as a social conservative, which Fiona Bruce is, and bearing in mind the strong locally-based & values element to her campaign, you felt so strongly that she was a candidate you could not support, & yet you then applied to join the party & stand as a councillor so soon afterwards.

Paul Kennedy

Not so soon afterwards actually, and not without a great, great deal of thought and soul searching given my election stance.

Interestingly I did not know Fiona at the time of the election, nor even really during the election, although I had heard of her through the "Primary" although I didn't attend, and because she has a well known legal practice in my nearest village of Stockton Heath.

In the 2005 election no party was getting my vote irrespective of the merits or otherwise of individual candidates and that is actually the crux of the matter. I guess I could have sat on my hands and done nothing and not voted like the nearly 40% who didn't in Warrington South, I chose not to. Interestingly I did not choose to make my social conservatism a campaigning issue as I saw little merit in such a type of campaign, but clearly if voters asked for my opinion they would get an honest answer which they were then free to debate with me. At this point it is worth noting that whilst I consider myslf to be a social conservative, I am, for example, not against abortion per se, however I do think given medical advances the time limit needs reviewing and am very concerned that there is an increasing acceptance of abortion, albeit in some maybe now many cases being medically non invasive, as a primary means of contraception. I am aware that many social conservatives are totally against all forms of abortion and for whatever reason, although some who want to be slighly evasive on the issue use the term "Pro-Life", again I choose not to but rather be very open on the subject. Simon, if you wish to ask specific questions regarding my social conservatism on this public forum, then you are of course free to do so and I will, time permitting, answer them. Obviously I will not compare my views to those of other individuals as it is for them to answer for themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to review my community profile and to comment .

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