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Frank Young

Go to York, it's clearly the best university in Britain!

Annabel Herriott

Yes! Go to York. My funny little hobby (check my biog) has had several annual conferences there. Just dont be unlucky enough to get a lake side room. The Bloody ducks start their dawn chorus.. at dawn. And my gawd, do they QUACK!!

Rob Largan

Ah yes, the joys of being woken up at the crack of dawn by ducks having sex.

matt wright

Is being Conservative at Uni a protest? When I was at Uni being Socialist was the protest. This is a serious question not taking the P. I think Churchill said something about there being something wrong with a young adult not being idealist. At Uni I leaned to the left but became a Conservative as I grew up and say the real issues that have to be decided on. Although Conservative still I am less ideological and less naive about economic-liberalism.


C Hodgson

You know i think it may be a bit of protest...
because as of yet i am quite idealistic about liberalism. And you know us kids... we allways hate the government that we grow up with (or so it has seemed to be for many of the children of the thatcher era).

Frank Young

At York we always used to promote the University Conservative group as "the right way to protest". Being left wing is soooo passe!

John Hustings

"Being left wing is soooo passe!"

One wonders why you chose to be a left-winger then Frank.

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