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Daniel Vince-Archer

Thank you.

Chris Palmer

John Husting, you're slightly less Gothic than I though you would be.

Alexander Drake

Do we now get to see a bio on Barbara Villiers???

John Hustings

"John Husting, you're slightly less Gothic than I though you would be."

lol, only slightly though.


I like all the pink!
Is this the broken community then(sorry Editors those new signposts just look damaged to me).
I'd love to know more about Barbara too and where's Rick gone? He was always great in a debate.

Daniel Vince-Archer

I was a little surprised that Jameses Hellyer and Maskell weren't included in the first tranche, although I know in the former case he's a little busy because it's tax return season.

Chris Palmer

I have sent my profile in etc. but I expect they can't all be put up at once.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Of course - I see 5 more are being posted tomorrow.

It's nice being able to put faces to names - Mark and John are both a lot different to how I imagined!

Sam Coates

We thought it'd all be a bit too much to handle, so rolling them out a bit.

A spoof one of Villiers would be a good laugh!

I suspect you're right DVA, James Hellyer was asked twice to no reply. James Maskell's is pending.
Not all the regulars were asked so don't be offended if you didn't know about it, we just needed a few to get started with!

P.S. Feel free to edit your profiles to add photo's, beef up the answers etc - just email me.

P.P.S. We're thinking about making several ideological categories which you can ask your profile to be labelled under - do you think this is a good idea, if so suggestions are welcome.

A H Matlock

Categorising sounds interesting. What did you have in mind?

Sam Coates

You could subscribe to more than one, they wouldn't have to be one-word exclusive descriptions.
Thatcherite - One Nation - Individualist - Social Conservative - Nationalist, etc.. whatever there is a demand for.


Region of Britain might also be a useful category...

A H Matlock

Seems a good idea to me, though I think you and Tim would have to narrow it down to the more common three or four ideological groupings within the party, otherwise there will be too many for it to be meaningful/useful.


How about asking everyone (who wants to be categorised) to say whether they are...

Social conservatives or social liberals...?

Hawks or 'realists' in the war on terror...?

Euro-sceptics or Euro-enthusiasts...?

Tax cutters or Economic cautious...? (This category is least satisfactory)

Frank Young

This new community is fab, there are real implications for politics here when groups organise themselves.

Don't forget google started as a simple means of two friends keeping track of their favourite websites and look at it now.

I wonder if political activism will look very different in ten years time. Wither canvassing?

Tory T

Sorry to sound like the modernising obsessive at this thoroughly worthwhile dinner party but it's worth asking why there's such a chronic gender imbablance.

I have my own theories.

James Maskell

Ill send my profile through later on today.

James Hellyer

Tax cutters or Economic cautious...? (This category is least satisfactory)

How about "tax cutter or Socialist sell out"?

Frank Young

Good one Tory T, indeed it's very interesting.

Rob Largan

The community is an exellent idea, havent been able to make as many comments as I would have liked recently. Coursework and all that. Will try and do more to justify my place in here.

Is the pink anything to do with it being on valentines day? Trust everybody had a good one?

James Hellyer

... Is the pink anything to do with it being on valentines day?

Perhaps it's a satirical comment on Cameronism.

Frank Young


Isympathise with not being able to post as much as you would like, I sometimes struggle to find the time to sit down and think through some posts and then keep afoot of the debate.

I do however read the site and comments every day.

Rob Largan

Another idea, perhaps as well as listing favourite blog sites, we could also put up our favourite conservativehome contributer.

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