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Perhaps if we really knew what the real military situation was in Iraq then people would be able to make a decision as to whether Lieberman is right or not.It does seem to me that we (the general public)have been fed too many lies from our governments to form an accurate opinion as to what the true situation is out there and journalists are understandably reluctant to report from most of Iraq.
My contacts all currently serve in southern sector and are despondent at the lack of progress in training both civil and military Iraqi forces but perhaps things are better in other parts of the country?I hope so.
For those interested in the subject I recommend people read a very moving article in todays Daily Telegraph from Danny Kruger,powerful stuff.
On a lighter note Editor,I don't think David Davis will be talking to you again after you described Joe Lieberman as a DD lookalike!


That was Private Eye's suggestion - not mine, Malcolm!

Selsdon Man

Surely, out of 25 million Iraqis, there are enough brave souls willing to join a new Iraqi army and security to take on the terrorists.

Perhaps if the US left, there would not be 10,000 terrorists - an massive indictment of Bush's legacy. Bush and Cheney are Bin Ladin's recruiting sergeants.

Selsdon Man

What an isult to David Davis!

Lieberman looks more like John Bird (Rory Bremner's sidekick).


Selsdon, there are indeed many 'brave souls' willing to serve in the Iraqi security forces.The problems however are many.
A significant number of volunteers do not owe their first loyalty to the central government but more often are driven by their brand of faith,tribe or area.Many Iraqi battalions have been infiltrated by those who are hostile to their government/and or the coalition.
The biggest group of volunteers however are not motivated by anything other than money (sometimes quite understandably, employment prospects are not very good in large parts of the country).But it is a sad fact that mercenary armies are rarely effective.
We have been trying to train these people for two years,(far longer than the training period of a British soldier).I really wonder if these people are unable to fight the insurgency alone now whether they ever will.
Time (and I expect the US midterm elections) will tell.

Selsdon Man

Those are very fair points, Malcolm. They are, however, an indictment of the way the war and the period after it have been handled by the occupying forces. Your assessment naturally leads to the question as whether Iraq can survive as a democracy without a peace-keeping force. If so, who?

Basil Blogger

The Iranians invented the game of chess and they have just called checkmate!

Come back Saddam all is forgiven.

Despite repeated warnings from German, French and Russian intelligence - the CIA, MI6 and Mossad under political pressure continued to help build a case for getting rid of Saddam – how shortsighted and stupid. Just to satisfy Bush Jr wishes to avenge his father Bush Sr over Saddam.

Do not underestimate the Iranian chess strategists, the Iraqi defectors with help and encouragement from Iran provided duff info to the CIA, and MI6 about Iraqi military capability and we fell for it like chickens to the slaughter.

Now that Sharon is out of action, the US and Britain stuck in a military quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan, oil is in short supply and with clever Iranian trade deals with China, Russia, South Korea and Japan for the supply of oil, Iran has decide it is now time to reprocess and enrich Uranium. Iran has large naturally occurring deposits of Uranium.

For them the circumstances they planned for have resulted in a win-win situation.

With our troops stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan we cannot militarily open another front in Iran. The UN Security Council will be divided in a stalemate over what to do; China and Russian have got favoured nation trade deals with Iran. Even imposing an oil export ban or sanctions would be impossible not with worldwide oil shortages. Israel is paralysed with Sharon in hospital. Thanks to Bush and Blair Iraq is no longer a threat to Iran (one of the biggest mistakes the irony is that Chirac, Schroder and Putin warned them about this).

There is a Principle of Unintended Consequences that is taught at first year military strategy courses.

After the pre-emptive doctrine of Bush and Blair and the attack on Iraq, Iran sees that it has no alternative but to possess nuclear weapons. Iraq made it public and Iran a member of “the axis of evil” will not make the same mistake Saddam made and plans to be discrete until it actually has produced these weapons.

The Iranian tacticians now know that they have the upper hand; they have cleared the chessboard and are about to checkmate. If we impose sanctions they impose an oil export ban. We are well and truly snookered.

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