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Tom Greeves

Lord Ashcroft is absolutely correct.

It is a grotesque infringement on freedom of speech to rein in people's spending. And political parties should not be funded by the State. I would consider it vile to have to fund the Labour or Liberal Democrat parties ("Short" money to fund an effective opposition is slightly different).

As for fears that big business can buy people's votes, that is absurd when people have free will and a secret ballot.

Good on you Lord A. And thanks for all the support you have given our Party.


I agree. Political parties must be able to get funding from private sources. If public funding was increased, this would be the death of proper democracy. Parties would have to jump through state controlled hoops. It would virtually prevent new parties from starting up. If a party cannot get enough support from its supporters, then it must change or die, that's democracy.

Grateful Tory

I want to say that I agree with what people have said about Lord Ashcroft. The vendetta pursued against him by Tom Baldwin and The Times was monstrous. Thank God we have businesspeople who believe in politics enough to give their money. LMA could have chosen a life of leisure but he chose public service. He helped to save the Conservative Party. I recommend that small gifts to political parties should receive charitable tax relief. That would encourage a broader donor base for political parties.


He's a cunning old fox, Ashcroft. Always interesting to try to guess what he's going to do next. How is he going to fund the Conservative Party? How will he maintain control of his funding, and still be part of the system?

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