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There is nothing wrong with working with other parties on an adhoc basis where we share interests. But we must be careful to avoid giving out the idea that we would be willing to enter any sort of a coalition with them.

On the matter of global warming, it is very cynical of politicians to pretend that they can do anything about it, when anyone who thinks about it must realise that it is quite beyond the control of British politicians to have any effect. Blair is quite right; no politician is going to slow down the growth of their economy in order to put off some potential long term damage to our climate. India and China are the massive carbon dioxide producers of the next 50 years and anything we do is like a drop in the ocean in comparison. What we must do is prepare for the effects of climate change rather than play at King Canute.


We are nearing the end of the climate change game, some analysts believe that the no turning back point could be as little as a decade away, we already have to face 30yrs of global warming that we have already caused.

The technology based approach is a welcome addition but not an alternative to a regulatory approach. The speed of technological advances is not increasing and we don't have time to wait for nuclear fusion.

Climate change is more important than politics, and that includes supporting the president.


Hate to say this Derek as you would doubtless disagree but the EU could actually do quite a lot.
This is perhaps the only area that I could think of where I would be in favour of the EU having supremacy over national law.


Import controls on Chinese goods and tariffs on dumped product would help steer China away from flooding the world with cheap junk that cannot be repaired, recycled, or even manufactured profitably.

The use of environmental laws to transfer manufacturing from Western Europe to Chinese sweat-shops is truly indicative of political thinking. To pay a girl 41 cents/hour to make a kettle in China and to decree that the girl in Currys selling it should get $10/hour minimum wage is truly astounding.

Michael McGowan

I think that Oliver Letwin is at best naive to be collaborating with the likes of Norman Baker. Baker is not an Orange Book Lib Dem. He is a taxing, regulating state interventionist Lib Dem of the worst kind. His fellow Lib Dem, David Laws has criticised him for just those reasons.

Letwin should also know that Kyoto will not work for the simple reason that it lets China and India off scott-free: see the front page of yesterday's Indie. That is why there is almost 100% bipartisan opposition to it in the US. The US knows that signing up to it would simply create a recession without necessarily reversing climate change one iota. Blair is also waking up to this reality. The FT's Martin Wolff wrote an excellent article on how flawed Kyoto is two or three years ago....and he can hardly be accused of being a neo-con.


Malcolm, you're right I do not agree with you! The EU imposed regulations have been a disaster for the economies of Europe and if they imposed more regulations they would only do even more damage to oue economy, and what effect would it have on global warming? - None, because the US, China and India and many others would not be affected. We might as well accept that if the climate has been affected, the damage has been done, and we will simply have to live with it. In any case, the world's climate has changed dramatically many times in the Earth's history and no doubt will do so again, and we can do nothing about it. For politicians to claim otherwise is gesture politics.

simon clewer

Careful of Norman Baker - he's a full blown statist idiot, a good example of the disreason and anti-enlightenment unthinking that characterises greenies. It's not his values that are the problem ( though they would be ) its that he is wrong and hates science and facts. It may (or may not) be OK to talk to the Libs, but NB should be treated as the witchdoctor that he really is.

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