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James Hellyer

President Bush can't be held to blame for the incompetence of the Louisiana state government. This disaster has seen failures at all levels of government, but is being used as opportunity for Bush bashing by his enemies.

Selsdon Man

Yet another plea for more taxes (inadequate tax base). Police corruption is more relevant. It happened under alcohol prohibition and it is happening again under drug prohibition.


I agree about the BBC coverage of the tragedy.But you should be aware that both ITV and Sky News have been pretty damning too (or at least they were last night).

Selsdon Man

Sorry, James but the aid was pathetically slow in arriving. The blame lies with both the federal government and the State of Louisiana. A lot of the potential resources (physical and intellectual)were deployed in Iraq.


Last time I visited New Orleans I told my friends I wanted to see the magnificent vaults in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, just a couple blocks from downtown. I was told that the cemetery, like many other places in New Orleans, was a place you were crazy to visit unless you had a police escort. There's a reason so many residents have bars on their windows, or have moved to the suburbs.


The murder rate is five times higher in New Orleans than Boston basically because of demographics. The murder rate among American Blacks is 6 times as high as the rate for Whites. Thus, an American city's murder rate is largely tied to the percentage of Blacks in the city's population. New Orleans is 2/3 Black, Boston is 20% Black, which largely accounts for the differences between the two cities.

Selsdon Man

Those are very controversial views Bruce. Is the economic wealth of the cities not a factor too?

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