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In an earlier column Mr. Kristof wrote, presumably with a straight face, "What will really stop this genocide is indignation." I've been indignant for years, and the massacres in Darfur have continued.

Empty U.N. statements (are there any other kind of U.N. assertions?) that "nations have an obligation to respond to genocide" accomplish nothing other than to make the asserters (and Mr. Kristof) feel good about themselves. In fact, the statement if adopted could do actual harm. For example, if a majority of the U.N. voted that Israel is practicing "genocide" (as its Arab neighbors have often asserted), under this statement Britain and the U.S. would be obligated to "respond"--presumably by cutting off aid or by actual military intervention.


I suppose U.N. resolutions only matter Bruce,when your hero G.W.Bush approves of them or not.The inconsistency of some people is unbelievable!

Selsdon Man

Anti-Bush comments on this site - I don't believe it! It shows that Bush is more interesting in oil than human rights. The New Orleans disaster exposed the US's vulnerability to changes in the oil market.


The only way the genocide can be stopped in Darfur is if someone with the military might to do so sends a large army in to wipe out the Sudanese gangs and in essence depose the Sudanese government. Anything short of that, including noble sounding statements by bodies such as the U.N., is mere flapdoodle.

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