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Mark Steyn is an obsessive who tries to justify the war in Iraq in almost all his columns.
It would be good if Mark Steyn is correct but I fear he is not.I know several army officers currently serving out there.They paint a very different picture.Most believe that there will shortly be a civil war which pro Iranian forces will probably win.


"Mark Steyn is an obsessive who tries to justify the war in Iraq in almost all his columns". Malcolm, if you did a search of Steyn's syndicated columns this year you'd find that a lot fewer than "almost all"--in fact, less than half (14 of 36)--have anything to do with the war on Terror or the War in Iraq. Doubtless your analysis of the war is as accurate as your analysis of Mr. Steyn's columns.


Events Bruce, will prove which of us will prove to be right.I hope your faith will prove to be justified although at the moment I seriously doubt it.
As regards Mark Steyn I read his articles in the Telegraph and the Speccie where I can assure you most of his articles are about Iraq.I was not aware that he syndicated elsewhere so I apologise for my ignorance.

James Hellyer

I think Mark Steyn is conflating Persian and Arabian cultural traditions with Sharia law. There is nothing that I am aware of in the Qu'ran that advocates the killing of homosexuals or the stoning of adulterers. These are things enforced through religious courts, rather than teachings of teh religion.

Is it not possible that Muslims want laws more in line with their faith, but that this does not necessarily mean an enthusiasm for an Iranian style justice system?


Malcolm, you now "assure" us that "most of" Mark Steyn's articles in the Spectator and the Telegraph are about Iraq. The Telegraph has a website, where you can call up Steyn's articles. Since the beginning of 2005, there are 37 Steyn articles, only 10 of which concern the War on Terror.

Samuel Coates

Steyn can make you twitch with his more radical perspectives, but I find more often than not he has proven to be right!


What a sad little man you are Bruce,why don't you spend the next few weeks and months combing through every issue of the Spectator and theTelegraph since the beginning of 2000 when Steyn started droning endlessly on about Iraq.
By the way if it's so damned important to get your facts right how come you said there were 36 articles and then 37 in the second.This is really really important Bruce so please get it right next time.

Gary Monro

Steyn's essential point that the aims of the murderers differ little from the desires of British Muslims is interesting in itself if only because it suggests a sympathy between 60% of British Muslims and al Qaeida (or however you spell that bloody word).

I tend to agree with James Hellyer though; the British Muslims who hanker after shar'ia are probably reacting against mini-skirts, some pretty filthy television programming and a society that is, in some areas, quite depraved.

A couple of months taster of the Real Thing - because it does, whatever the Qu'ran says, involve stonings and mutilations and assorted other exotica - would erase the desire for shar'ia in most of them...


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