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Selsdon Man

"But the president is not permitted by the Constitution to use the military for law enforcement, or not without the permission of the governor of the state"

So what's the point of the Department for Homeland Security?


The picture of Hitchens is many years out of date.You should print a more up to date version which shows the fat alchoholic he's become.
Hitchens was an extreme left journalist when he lived in England but seems to have had a dramatic conversion since he moved to the U.S. and become a cheer leader for George Bush!


The picture probably is flattering and in need of an update! I don't think he's a cheerleader for Bush, Malcolm (he's very critical of many Bush policies and attacks Bush's position on Terri Schiavo in this article) but he is a cheerleader for the Iraq stage of the war on terror... and a persuasive one at that.


Selsdon, the armed forces and the Dept. of Homeland Security have different jobs to do. It is NOT the job of the DHS to provide local law enforcement after a hurricane. The DHS is chartered to, and does, provide non-military security, plus intelligence coordination.

Selsdon Man

Bruce, surely that is the job of the FBI and CIA. Co-ordination should be the task of the State Department. DHS seems like an extra layer of bureaucracy to me.

Peter C Glover

I agree. I check out Slate regularly. Hitchens does an admirable job on this score and indeed many more.

He does ably rubbishes the myths about the use of the US military in New Orleans etc. Now if only Chris was not so rabidly anti-Christian (to be fair anti-all religious belief) he might actually grasp that the Judeo-Christian tradition not only underpins the whole of Western civilisation's genius (sponsoring modern science, education etc.) but also is the foundation stone of conservatism itself.

But then most modern conservatives don't understand this either. They would do well to recognise that you don't always have to be a dyed in the wool Christian (as I happen to be either). Both Winston and Maggie understood this well enough.

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