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Clive Richards

I agree. It is taboo. However, Howard can't really talk because his grandparents entred this country illegally in the first place. The young Muslims in this country are naturally angered by scenes from the global media deamonizing Islam, and showing their fellow worshippers being tortured by our own men! During the course of affairs leading up to the wars in Afganistan and Iraq; Michael Howard and his fellow MP's gave Mr. Blair full support in parliament! Now he is whining about Blair failing to do the job, when he backed his decisions, from the start, in the first place! Britain does need to do some soul searching, though. Whether to back a slimey biggot, who has no concern for anyone, bar rich landowners and himself. Or someone else. Moreover; this 'man' has no concern for human rights for example, in the shameful cases of the Poll tax riots and the Criminal Justice Act. RULE BRITANNIA!

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