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Simon C

"The real shift can only come from below — from a million small decisions to scrub a wall of graffiti, to rear a child, marry a loved one, teach an immigrant, turn off a mobile phone, look out for an elderly neighbour, decline that last beer. These things change not when politicians or bishops demand that they do. They change when people have finally had enough of the boorishness that selfishness sustains."

The idea that major change comes from a million small decisions is eloquently made.

There is though a role for both politicians and bishops, provided that they understand both their capabilties and limitations.

There is a place for law-making - but there is also a need for the political will to enforce existing law. We need leaders with the clarity and courage to challenge the liberal orthodoxies in our culture that have caused social decay.

Selsdon Man

People, not governments, shape "society" by their individual actions. Governments only have recourse to coercion - authoritarian laws, taxes etc.

Damian Green proposes using free market economics to further "One Nation" aims. In fact, free market economics, by its nature, develops personal responsibility and moral behaviour. It is Government, through its attempts at social engineering, undermines personal responsibility and promotes libertine behaviour.

It is vital to understand the difference between libertarianism and libertinism. Sadly, David Willetts appears not to.

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