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A Complete Shower

Ah, brave, daring Dan Hannan, cf. before the Euro elections - "I'll quit the whip if we go back into the EPP"; MHoward esq - "we'll take it away from you [and therefore cost you your seat at Strasbourg] if you don't shut up"; Dan the Bold - "..."

What a man: frothing anti-marketeerism during an interregnum - what courage - what audacity - no wonder Dan Hannan is so well regarded by his fellow Eurosceptics, and not regarded as an opportunistic careerist who urged on everyone the merits of his, as he thought, mate Howard in November 2003; and before that, refused to choose between Portillo and Duncan Smith in 2001 until Portillo had been chucked out by the MPs.

James Maskell

After reading the Telegraph comments I had to double check the name to make sure it wasnt Nigel Farage commenting on the EU!

Selsdon Man

Those who know Dan have heard him espouse such views several times over the last couple of years. I suspect that the article will lead to more trouble with the Whips Office.

James Hellyer

Is anyone surprised when Daniel Hannan says this? He was in charge of the OU branch of CIB, if I recall correctly, and is a friend of Lord Pearson.

Anyway, this is another issue we won't hear much about. Our politicians seem frightened to discuss such things.

Peter C Glover

At last! Someone with the ability to articulate genuine logic. You see if it is not possible to 're-negotiate' (as Michael Howard promised) important EU policies (and with respect it is not) then you must proceed to the next stage and consider your whole position.

This is where Michael H.needlessly villified those genuine conservatives who voted UKIP realising how important the issue was to sovereignty and that there MUST come a point when withdrawal is the only option.

The fact that Howard's Conservative Party would not even countenance it meant that its credibility on the issue was shot and, worse, the vast swathes of the country that would consider withdrawal simply had no voice at all.

Oberon Houston

Phillip Stephens writes in the FT today on the recent changes in the political landscape in Europe post the referendums in France and Holland, and concludes with...

" The opportunities could yet be squandered. Such is the neuralgia that some in the Tory party are already arguing that Europe’s disarray should be the occasion for Britain’s withdrawal. Similarly, there have been signs of Mr Brown’s scepticism hardening into outright hostility.
The reality is as it has always been: Britain cannot escape the consequences of decisions taken by its neighbours; and, as much as any other, it will share the burden of disarray. Anywhere you look, from the economy to the enviroment, from foreign and energy to immigration policy, Britain’s interests are intertwined with those of the rest of the European continent.
If the Franco-German alliance is no longer a sufficient condition for a cohesive Europe, it is still a necessary one. The difference now is that the old axis needs Britain to make the EU work. How many of the nation’s politicians, I wonder, will recognise the challenge and the opportunity?"

... Its safe to say that Daniel Hannan hasn't, and no matter what - won't.

I think those with a more pragmatic view will accept that the integration of France and Germany into a stable Europe is probably more important today with the recent emergence of a new world order than it has ever been, as a mechanism for avoiding a resurgence in Franco-German aggression. The EU is best placed to manage that, and we British need to best decide how best to build our position within that framework without the necessity of further integration.


Daniel Hannan is just saying what I think any sensible person would say. The problem of changing treaties is so great we have to include the possiblity of coming out of the EU, otherwise no change just people carrying on moaning but not doing anything. It took Ken ten years to find out he was wrong on the Euro, is the party going to take fifty to find out it was wrong on the EU itself?


Good to hear Daniel being given some airtime on the 'Today'programme.I know I'm biased but I thought he hammered the Lib-Dem MEP he was up against who was reduced to trying and failing to patronise him on the grounds of his age!

Natalie Rhodes

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