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Dave J

Tim: did I miss when you explained why?

Moral minority

Good decision, Editor!! Some of the columns, especially those of Bagshawe and Franklin, were no more than juvenile ego-trips.


Dave J: All will be clear in the week beginning 7th January when we will be doing something different...

Thanks for your interest.

Joe James Broughton

Louise Bagshawe's last article was rather cringe-making (as was her idea to charge football clubs for the costs of policing the behaviour of yobs).

However, I notice that quite a few of these columnists attracts vitriolic abuse rather than measured debate, so understand if they don't want to do it anymore.

Malcolm Dunn

Well I enjoyed most of them. Most were thought provoking and usually very well written even when I disagreed with them. Could you do better Moral Minority?

Moral minority

I could do a lot better, Malcolm

Tony Hannon

I think a monkey throwing excrement would be better than a lot of the guff on these "columnists'" pages.

Although there were a couple of interesting articles, Moral Minority is absolutely right - too much ego tripping (and plenty to disagree with!)

Malcolm Dunn

Really Tony? I've yet to see a sensible post from you on this or any other subject.
Moral Minority, why don't you try then? Write a piece on the platform section and see how easy it is.

Tony Hannon

It's a matter of opinion Malcolm. I did say there were a few interesting articles (and I'm not even a Conservative) and I don't mean to offend you that enjoyed a few of them.

Different strokes for different folks old chap!


Some mean comments here.


UK Daily Pundit

And just when I'd gone to the trouble of giving Stephan Shakespeare his own special link on the blogroll. He was the only one worth reading.

Deputy Editor

I was recently speaking to a respected MP who used to write newspaper editorials. He reckons Graeme should be snapped up by a national paper.

p.s. The section that will replace the columnists goes live on Monday

Moral minority

"I was recently speaking to a respected MP who used to write newspaper editorials."

That would probably be Michael Gove or Paul Goodman, hacks but not original thinkers like Scruton, now in America after escaping politically correct England. That sums up modern Tory politics and journalism perfectly - lightwight liberalism rather than heavyweight conservatism.

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