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Chad Noble

Unfortunately, we don't need to ask 'Where's Ken?' - He was on Question Time, making the Conservative case for extending State Funding of political parties. Pah.

Sam R

Where are Jacqui et al?
Maybe gone for a freebie pre-holiday (mustnt say Christmas)break, just like their former leader. More important - any aircraft of the Queen's Flight out of the country?

London Tory

Where's Caroline Spelman ?

Tony Makara

They have clearly decided that its better to keep their heads down with so much bad press of late. I certainly agree with the point about Mr Balls, there was a time when seemed to be omnipotent on TV. Typical fairweather Labour politicians, rest assured though that they will be back on our screens the moment they have some new falsehood to present.

Malcolm Dunn

Of course I agree with this, but I do feel sometimes we are not in such a great position to preach.Too many of the Shadow Cabinet are invisible outside the Westminster village and we should be using every opportunity (Any Questions , Question Time etc) to promote them to the electorate.
That's why it was disappointing to see Ken Clarke on Question Time even though he easily took care of poor Lady Ashton who was out of her depth.

Phil Whittington

"Nevermind John Darwin, where have Jacqui, Harriet, Ed, Douglas and Gordon been?"

I think it's spelt Bean! ;)

Dick Wishart

I agree with you Malcolm Dunn, however there is an even better prospect to look forward to on next weeks QT, CHRIS PATTEN is going to be on AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

John Leonard

Chad Noble -

Fully agree with your sentiments.

I haven't seen last night's Question Time but knowing that one of the Conservatives most senior statist, centralist (anti-localist), (anti-democratic) parliamentarians was appearing is hardly an advert to watch it.

Comrade Clarke is one of the party's biggest liabilities. Dinosaurs like him will cost the party dearly!

Shame he doesn't adopt the approach that these Labour 'fearties' have adopted and run away and hide!

Back on topic it's a shame that these Labour AWOL's don't follow Darwin's example to the letter and disappear to some obscure foreign clime for a few years.

But of course they won't, like everything else Labour does, this has been done in a half baked, clumsy and incompetent fashion. What else can we expect?

Malcolm Dunn

Chris Patten? Oh great! Does anyone know who chooses the 'Conservative' representative, the party or the BBC? If it's the party, the person responsible should be fired.

Patsy Sergeant

Is Chris Patten a 'Conservative Representative'?? I thought he had been doing work for this labour government in some capacity since he came back to this country.

Although I also agree with you Malcolm Dunn, as I said on another thread, it would be better to make quite sure that the less well-known members of the Shadow Cabinet, would be able to hold their own on the Question Time panel, after all we would hardly benefit from them creating the impression that 'poor Lady Ashton' did!

Where's Boris

Where's Boris? Dodgy dealings at City Hall and all he can do is write to Red Ken. Londoners deserve better than the lazy Bullingdon buffoon.

Where's Boris

Even Matthew Carrington is worried about our absent London Mayoral candidate. Ben Brogan is on the case.



Whats Harriets job???Equality and human rights - well a bit of it... gender and sexual orientation
The Equality and Human Rights Commission (Patrick Diamond, Head of Strategy, EHRC) said - The challenge of navigating the complex machinery of Government in terms of equality and human rights – in Whitehall and in the devolved regions. A particular challenge is the dispersal of responsibilities across departments, including DCLG, DWP and the Ministry of Justice. These responsibilities need to be knitted together to form a coherent whole. http://tpa.typepad.com/waste/2007/11/equality-shambl.html

Equality quangos have all been banged together under Trev, equality reponsibility at ministerial level is still all over the place. Yes, there is the brand new Government Equality Office (GEO), under Harriet Harman, and that is the sponsoring department for Phillips' EHRC.


But only "gender and sexual orientation are under GEO: race and belief are staying at the Department for Communities and Local Government (or “handling extremism” as Blears puts it), and disability is staying at the Department for Work and Pensions. Age? Who knows!"

So despite all that waffle about a unified approach and a single Equalities Act (still somewhere in the long stinging nettles), it's yet another dog's breakfast of indecision and muddled reponsibilities.

EHRC rebranding costs because the figures were given to the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee (see report here). It was a third of a million quid, paid to an outfit called 35 Communications. Presumably they were the ones who came up with the new logo = yes thats it =

The Committee also highlighted the shambolic and expensive way the three separate quangos were banged into one.Naturally, consultants were hired to tell them what to do: Ernst & Young, who charged £0.5m for the pleasure. But they were hired before Phillips arrived on the scene, and were reporting to a gentleman by the name of Patrick Boyle. Boyle was the CEHR transitional programme director, put in post in 2006 to make sure the new organisation could hit the ground running.But when Phillips was appointed earlier this year, he didn't want that. He wanted his own consultants. So he fired Ernst & Young and hired Towers Perrin instead. At a further cost of £0.4m. Oh, and he "exited" Boyle as well

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