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Tony Makara

Gordon Brown certainly got lucky during the opening weeks after his coronation. A number of events fell onto his lap and he was able to look fairly competent. People who don't follow politics on a day-to-day basis will have seen this and been, if not impressed, then at least assured. This was very much in the 'getting on with the job' image that Brown cultivated for himself. However public perception of Brown changed after he led everyone a merry dance over the election that never was. That moment was significant because it ended Gordon Brown's love-in with the media and the hacks became very annoyed that they had been cheated out of an election that they had been all geared up to cover.

Of course the role of the Conservative party in responding to all this should not be downplayed. David Cameron played his cards excellently and won people over with his honesty and genuine anger over the cancelled election. The very act of cancelling the election will have had a psychological effect on the British people too, suddenly they went from thinking there might be an election soon to then having to deal with the reality of facing another two years of Labour. Once Brown ruled out an election completely people realised they were stuck with Brown and perhaps then realised that they really didn't want him after all.

Robin Young

"Genuine anger over the cancelled election?" You must be a very gullible type, Tony. There is nothing very much genuine about Cameron (except his belief that an Eton education gives him a special understanding of evry child's educational needs), and the relief evinced by Messrs Cameron and Osborne when the Broonie Mr Bean made his disastrous wrong call was perfectly palpable.

Tony Makara

Robin Young, I can't see how being educated at Eton disqualifies a person from being able to understand the educational needs of state sector schools. Eton is a fine establishment that has served our nation well. Not everyone is in a position to attend such an institution, but that is no reason to despise though who could attend. As for Cameron and Osborne being relieved not to have the election, how do you arrive at such a conclusion? David Cameron was the one who called for the election in the first place as a way of Gordon Brown confirming that he had a mandate. It was Gordon Brown who didn't have the courage to face the British people and not David Cameron.

Yet Another Anon

Given that they are supposed to be a snapshot of opinion I would have thought the respondents were the ones driving it, as to why that's another matter!

Patsy Sergeant

Not that stale bit of envy Mr. Young, its as bad as this governments MP's eternally blaming their lack of proper achievment in education or health or anything else come to that, on the state of things as they found them in 1997. So how long do they need 25yrs? or 100yrs in power to actually ACHIEVE?

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