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Aunty Claire Ickle

"Tim knows I have been a Cameroon voice on the site for some time, under both my own name and pseudonyms"

Is it not against the rules of CH to post under more than one name?


Louise writes an impassioned and stirring piece in praise of our greatest living Prime Minister, and someone calling themself 'Aunty Claire Ickle' writes a small-minded whinge about pseudonyms.

Christ almighty!

Well done Louise - a loud Hear Hear from fellow Thatcherites, and a welcome reminder that one can be a Thatcherite AND a Cameroon!!

(And Auntie Claire - if you spent any time at all on CH, you'd know that it is a forum for diverse and interesting debate in which I'm sure many people write under numerous names at times. I have certainly never seen a rule stating that one shouldn't, and indeed Tim and Sam have expressly ruled out any registration that would remove people's ability to post anonymously if they feel it necessary).

London Tory

The previous Tory MP for Corby was a well known Heathite/Heselteenee.

Good to see the local Party is back in safe hands.

John Scott

James - me thinks you are a victim of irony.

graeme archer

Brilliant stuff louise. I almost feel sorry for your labour opponent; almost, but somehow not quite! Good luck in corby, though as I think a famous lady I once said, luck will have nothing to do with it!


A good post. However, I think you have probably just blown your chances of any promotion under Cameron. Mentioning Margaret Thatcher in a positive light will have Dave, Gideon and the rest in apoplexy. Make sure you don't get deselected either.

Alan S

Thatcher is back in fashion MHDH -- even within Camp Cameron. Fraser Nelson reported that DC left his own Christmas Party to attend Maggie's.

Buckinghamshire Tory

That was an uplifting article.
I find it very reasuring to know that so many of our PPCs and new MPs are Thatcherites.
A strong party leadership is of course neccessary, but we also need a principled and firm Parliamentary Party.

Good luck,I am sure Corby will be in Tory hands after the next General Election,

Aunty Claire Ickle

Is James American or did Santa not stop at his house this year?

I teach post-war British history to A-Level students and I am going to use this piece as a source - it's that good at putting the case for Mrs T that even I nearly fell for it and I subscribe to the Elvis Costello school of Thatcherite History.


For Buckinghamshire Tory and others interested in the beliefs of the next generation of Conservative MPs I recommend this post which reviews the responses made by candidates to a special ConservativeHome survey. I, personally, found it very encouraging.

Moral minority

You can't be a Thatcherite and a Cameroon. Thatcher did not need the Priority List. She pledged to cut taxes in her first manifesto. The Lady rolled back the frontiers of the State. Cameron is more like his Old Etonian predecessor Harold MacMillan who was a vocal opponent of Thatcher and her policies, especially privatisation.

Buckingham Tory should note the purging of truly Thatcherite PPCs, e.g. Andrew Griffith who slashed the majority in Corby over two elections only to be knifed in favour of Ms Bagshawe. Ms Bagshawe left the Conservative Party to join Blair's New Labour. True Thatcherites saw Blair as a phoney from the start and would never have defected. Ms Bagshawe is trying to have the proverbial cake and eat it. This article is disingenuous and must be exposed as such.

London Tory

I regard myself as Thatcherite first and a Conservative second. Thatcherism is regarded as mainstream Conservatism for my generation.

Cameron is the best chance we all have for seeing Thatcherism, or even a distilled version of it, re-enacted in Govt.


I met Heath, before he died, in our local (near Salisbury). I had an audience, courtesy of his bodyguard subsequent to buying said armed plod a pint and admiring his Glock.

We discussed Thatcher, eventually, and although Heath's mind had tended to wander it suddenly became very focussed and specific.

I decided not to tell him that Mrs T was God's own template for PM.

Tony Makara

Margaret Thatcher was an honest politician. She did what she said she would do. As a stateswoman she was very good and commanded a high level of respect around the world. The fact that she is respected even today by friend and foe alike reflects her stature. However the Thatcher years were not without mistakes. Allowing the manufacturing industry to die as a method of destroying trades union power has left us with permanent mass unemployment. Margaret Thatcher was also too enamoured with orthodox economics and failed to see that absolute free markets do lead to social entropy. Her faith in the abstractions of academic economists often undermined the good advice coming from political collegues who understood the real world better.

Sally Roberts

Well done, Louise! Excellent article and I too am proud to be both a Cameroon and a Thatcherite!
Englandism - what you say about Heath rings very true. My brother and sister in law knew him towards the end of his life (through non-political interests - music and sailing) and he remained embittered to the very end whenever the subject of Lady Thatcher was raised!


Yeah, such a convinced Thatcherite that she voted Labour in 1997, after being a Labour Party member. Really, pass the sick bag. In fact, make it two. The second one is for a good chuck in remembrance of a petted, A-List cronycon pushed forward by the very cynical people who've used her in this fashion. Or, as has been noted on this thread, Bagshawe in fact having the polar opposite of Margaret Roberts own trajectory after Oxford.

London Tory

# she voted Labour in 1997, after being a Labour Party member #

We always welcome a sinner who repents, but I would sooner eat broken glass than vote Labour. Not another Tony Lit ?

Moral minority

Sally Roberts, EUfanatic, calls herself a Thatcherite and Cameroon too. LOL! Cameroon definitely but not a Thatcherite in any way.

Tony Makara

Its really unfair to pick on Louise for changing party, after all Winston Churchill was once a Liberal. What matters is Louise Bagshaw's core values. Louise is someone who wants to see a socially conscious Conservatism, the right balance between the initiative and self-dependency of the individual and social cohesion for all. This is a balance that has been missing until recent years.

Moral minority

Have you applied for the Candidates List, Tony?

I am no fan of defectors, the young Winston Churchill included. They are generally opportunists who put their careers and egos before principle. That is especially true of those who switch between the main parties.

Louise Bagshawe

London Tory, Act has got this one wrong; as I've repeatedly posted in these columns and said in various interviews I was campaigning for the Conservatives in the 1997 election, in fact for my mother who stood as a Tory for the county council (and we took her seat off a LibDem). I've never voted Labour and was in their party very briefly, before knocking on doors for us in '97. I also campaigned for the Tories in a marginal in '01, and in 05 was a nursing mother but donated money in lieu of shoe leather.

It's usually not worth getting into "Torier than thou" fights but as this is the last column, I want to set it straight; I was working for the Tories in 1997 and subsequently.

Sally Roberts

Moral Minority - Margaret Thatcher was the reason I joined the Conservative Party in the run up to the 1979 Election! Why don't you stick to discussing areas of politics not related to Europe where you seem to be able to make adult comments without resorting to childish insult?

Tony Makara

Louise, sorry that you are leaving. I have enjoyed reading your articulate musings. I shall continue to follow your progess with great interest. Good luck.

Buckinghamshire Tory

Moral Minority: Sir, the way I see it, you can of course be a Cameroon AND a Thatcherite. We should never forget the heritage from Thatcher, but we can not expect to win the ideological battles of today with the same methods and arguments we used against Neil Kinnock, Tony Benn, Michael Foot and their like.

The Party must stay true to the basic tenets of Thatcherism, but that does not mean we have to embrace everything ever uttered byThe Lady, or that the Conservative Party of today must be identical with the party of Norman Tebbit. We had to modernise the Party to become electable again.

About Ms Bagshawe’s former association with New Labour. We all make mistakes. Many of the great leaders of centre-right parties in Europe have had brief flirts with the left. Many Conservatives left the Party in the final years of the Major Premiereship, and considering the state of our Party, I can understand them.
That she campaigned for the Tory Party in 1997 is proof enough for me. I did so myself, and it was not easy. I can only imagine how it was outside of the Homecounties.

Dick Wishart

So very true Buckinghamshire tory, I joined the Party in the mid sixties and have worked for it ever since through all the good and bad leaders we have had, you're either a tory or you're not and this means being true to the cause through the bad times as well as the good.
Margaret Thather was THE leader of her time just as David Cameron is THE leader of his time, in future years someone else will be in the same position for the party, and thats the way it will go on.
Its no good griping on about the Thatcher years, they are long gone (we are in the 21st Century you know) times and people change and the Party has to continually adjust/change to keep up with modern thinking, just as we have to in our private life, I would get very short shift from my grandchildren if i kept on about how wonderful the fifties were.
As for moaning about someone who flirted with Labour for a short period, I trust you dont have that same attitude with the floating voters when out canvassing.
Move on for god's sake, the rest of the world has, or haven't you noticed.

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