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I was a proud member of Tories for Gordon, but what I really want is a chance to kick out this shower.

Tony Makara

Gordon Brown, a man who for years in opposition held himself up as a paragon champion of the poor, yet when in office said "Idleness is not an option" for the unemployed. A man who made great political capital out of the pensioners, yet when in office ransacked their pensions. A man who in opposition made great plat of Tory failures in the NHS and yet now presides over a government where the poor cannot find a dentist and hospitals spread more disease than public toilets. This is a man of double-standards, a man who deserves the worst type of political fate.

Labour would be foolish to continue with Brown as their leader. Like penguins on the south pole, Labour MPs under Brown will leap together into mass political suicide if they go into the next election with Gordon Brown. The economic trump card, of which Brown is so proud, is merely slight-of-hand. He has played the nation false. Gordon Brown's credit led growth will grind to a halt now that the credit has dried up. Labour simply have to organize some sort of coup d'parti against Brown, if he stays he will be the equivalent of general Custers last stand at Little Big Horn, brave, but foolhardy and futile.

Annabel Herriott

Nooo Tony!!! He has to stay right where he is, then we will take over for the next 16? years. He is a real vote winner for us.
Look -if Britain can regroup after World War Two, we can regroup after Gordon!
There will be more to come though, so hold on to your hat! Gordon is attracting all sorts of calamities to himself, and there is nowhere for him to run anymore, even if he does resort to various human shields.
2008 will be awful!

Moral moronity

I am actually beginning to feel a bit sorry for him now. All that time waiting and he's a triumph of ambition over ability.

Plus that smug air of entitlement as well.

David Belchamber

As you rightly point out, Louise:

"Ah yes, the economy. Gordon’s great card trick – to ride a wave of global growth and spin it at home as a domestic triumph. But as Fraser Nelson has written recently, Brown has been a simply dreadful Chancellor".

I am not quite sure about "dreadful" but he certainly turned out to be a typical socialist "tax and spend" chancellor.

We must get the main story about Brown as Chancellor and repeat it and repeat it until the electors know it: he did not inherit an economic mess from the tories. Quite the reverse: he has managed to turn Ken Clarke's balance of payments' surplus (of £35bn???) into a balance of payments' deficit of something similar AND hiked our taxes over 100 times in the meanwhile. The nation as a whole owes more than our total GDP, quite apart from our PFI liabilities.

How can the man brag about that performance? Only because he has not been contradicted enough.

David Sergeant

I was going to write, "good thinking Louise, but you failed to say where to send contributions to the Save the Gordon campaign."


I was appalled by Gordon from the first. I do not understand how he was allowed to get away with what he has done. (E.g. when he said it, most of Gordon's "decade of continuous growth" was down to the Tory government!) On second thoughts therefore, this man is such a disgrace, to have him as our country's leader is so embarrasing he has to go as soon as possible even if it costs Tory votes. Sorry Louise.

Joe James Broughton

This is an interesting article by Louise Bagshawe with some important points - I think the Tories should hammer the ruined pensions message again.

The time is ripe, because the party has rebuilt more credibility on financial matters this year.

Earlier in the year, the Tories did score some hits in the polls against Brown (before the local elections) on pensions, but people were still cagey and willing to give Brown the benefit of the doubt because at that point he was seen as competent. I don't think he is now - so time to raise it again.

David Belchamber's analysis is good too.

David Sergeant

"How can the man brag about that performance? Only because he has not been contradicted enough."

Absolutely. But, also, no one keeps (note, "keeps") pointing out the "golden legasy" the Tories left him either. We are told people are still dubious of giving their financial affections to the Tories. The above is one big reason why.

Louise Bagshawe

David Sergeant,

"I was going to write, "good thinking Louise, but you failed to say where to send contributions to the Save the Gordon campaign."

Excellent point! All contributions to the Save the Gordon Campaign should be made out to CENCA and sent to: Fighting Fund, Corby & East Northants Conservative Association, Conservative Club, Cottingham Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 1SZ :)

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