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Roger Evans

You are right to accuse Livingstone of indulging in victimhood - it is his unique selling point and cynically plays on voters' natural sympathy for the underdog.

Victim of Margaret Thatcher.

Victim of Tony Blair.

Victim of the press.

Victim of the Standards Board.

Vote for the Victim, support the little guy...

It's wearing thin now.

Tony Makara

I watched Lee Jasper squirm on TV when ITNs Alistair Stewart challenged him to sue the evening standard and Andrew Gilligan if the allegations were not true. Jasper started to baulk and said that litigation was a complex issue, was expensive etc.

The sad fact is the ethnicity-industry, like all other government off-shoots, is open to exploitation by gravy trainers who syphon off cash into 'other causes'. The victim-culture is created as a sponge to soak up taxpayers money. When are we as a nation going to move away to the patronizing culture of doling money out to specific ethic groups. Are we not all Britons? All on an even keel? The ethnicity-industry is just a gravy-train that uses black people to cream money out of government. Time we shut this industry down.

Dave McBay

I wonder if Lee Jasper uses any of his £117k salary to pay a mortgage on another property? That would violate the lease of most social housing....

Graeme Archer

Apart from the fact that I've had to rewrite my article for tomorrow, Cameron (!) - this is great stuff. I was hoping Conservative Home would help to magnify the impact of Andrew Gilligan's devastating series of reports on Jasper this week. Jasper is Livingstone and the removal of the former from his poisonous grip on public life will be the first substantive step in ridding the capital of the egregious presence of the latter.

anthony scholefield

Frank Dobson lived for years in taxpayer subsidized housing opposite the British Museum-I dont know his present arrangements

Paul Kennedy

Is Mr Jasper's detailed job description available, together with the recruitment and selection process for that job?


I believe Mr Dobson still has a council flat in London. Let us not forget John Prescott's many dwellings, and his unfortunate lapse of memory about paying council tax.

Why has the majority of the MSM been so reluctant to touch the Lee Jasper story, other than the Standard?

John Phelan

I well recall Lee Jasper organising a demonstration outside Brixton Police station.It was clearly designed to raise tensions in the borough & delivered as many thought it would - degenerating into rioting & looting.In fact it was this which probably brought Lee Jasper to public attention & paved his rise up the political ladder.Ethnic tension & division is what his career was built upon.Unfortunately - like most agitators - he has no answers.

Rosa Parkes

Very interesting. The Mayor's Office kept an event last summer with Miriam Makeba in Trafalgar Sq combined with VIP event in South Africa House, which I attended. Whilst in South Africa House the Mayor circulated and engaged with the public as well as taking photographs with them. Lee Jasper on the other just looked angry and when he joined a group of business men that I was sitting with, whom he was clearly trying to impress, they asked him if he knew me and introduced us. Lee looked at me as if I was an insect and then continued his discussion with the business men - who after he left commented on his rudeness. Several weeks later my 24 year old son visited me and discussed an encounter that he had had that week with Lee Jasper. My son who is a keen photographer, was at an event taking pictures and was talking to a young woman when Lee walked up and was standing near them. The young woman said to my son "so you're a photographer". Lee interupted and sneered "he ain't no photographer". My son was deeply embarrassed in front of a peer and felt undermined by Lee's comment. Lee is absolutely grotesque and most members of the African Caribbean community have no time for him because of his rudeness and arrogance, my own short experience and that of my son leads me to agree with the majority of my associates who have no respect for Lee - and we are all black!


I'm no fan of Jasper but I thought Gilligan's investigation was into misappropriation of funds at the GLA and LDA. It seems from the above report that the investigation is in to Jasper himself: "Andrew Gilligan is to be commended for his impressive Evening Standard investigation into Lee Jasper, Ken Livingstone’s equalities and policing czar".

Further to that, is this the same Gilligan who was handed a job after leaving the BBC in a cloud of controversy by Boris Johnson who is er, oh, ahem.

Maybe Lee Jasper is Derek Conway's long-lost son?

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