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Tony Makara

What the persons above show is a real drive by the Conservative party to be proactive on social issues. For decades Labour has presented itself as the champoin of the poor yet the poorest areas of our country are all Labour heartlands. Labour have failed the poor and have increased poverty in deprived areas.

The modern and socially conscious Conservative party is ready to offer a real alternative to Labour's long litany of broken promises. I hope this new social dimension to politics will continue to grow within the Conservative party and that even more talented individuals like those listed above can join the fight to lift people out of the misery of poverty.


We need a number of Mrs Bruce clones in 'The North' to create a Con phalanx to regain political territory lost since the days of McMillan.

I hope you will provide an annual review of Watts' Five for the Future.

Sally Roberts

Particularly pleased to see both Graeme Archer and James Bethell on the list. I look forward every Sunday morning to reading Graeme's articles which are well-written, often witty and occasionally very moving! He works his socks off in Hackney and richly deserves the credit he is being given for this!
I don't know James well (I have met him once I believe) but do know his brother Will well as he is one of our hard-working Hammersmith & Fulham Councillors. James has clearly made a real success of his business and clearly fought a good campaign in Tooting. I wish him all the best in the future!

Voice from the South West

LOL at the Orlando Fraser suggestion. I hope he has learnt to control his mouth since 2005; we in Devon have long memories...

Dick Wishart

Never heard of them.

Anthony Broderick

I'm also pleased to see Fiona Bruce there amongst all the southerners!

I profoundly disagreed with the A list but I was so pleased that she was amongst the first on it. A more hard-working and compassionate candidate you won't meet.

We need her in the UK or EU Parliament asap!


a lovely present to find on Boxing Day - needless to say, having worked closely with him for nearly two years on Iain's report, Cameron W himself should be the real star of the party and the country's future - selfless, hard-working and passionately committed to the social justice agenda, he is a genuine unsung hero - all power to his elbow

as for VoSW, I don't know whether my mouth is any better controlled, but living in Devon has certainly taught it to be kinder and nicer - perhaps I can induce you to come to North Molton for a jar and find out for yourself

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