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A great piece Cameron full of humanity. Thank you.

Tony Makara

I agree. If we are to exercize strict rules on asylum seekers that does not mean we have to treat people like animals while they are here. Having done security work in the past I know that many people are given to sleeping in places like graveyards and canal banks. Places where they are less likely to be disturbed. One night we were doing a security check in a cemetery at around 4am and came across a pitiful character who knew little English and it saddened me that we had to move this fellow out of the graveyard. He said he felt safer there because he had been assaulted in the town centre, attacked for being homeless. This sort of thing goes on all the time and is largely unseen by the public. More must be done to make life safer for asylum seekers. These people are human beings, not statistics or demons. Lets show that we are a civilized and compassionate nation.

Conservative Homer

As Far as im concerned we dont need an asylum policy. Refugees should claim asylum at the first port of call. We are practically never the first port of call. You need only look at the location of sangatte or sangette II refugee camp to see that every other country delights in fobbing its unwanted off on us.
I often hear people saying that we must do our part and accept our share. All that i can say to that is maybe if countrys like South Africa had to bear the total brunt of the fallout from Zimababwe, maybe their approach to Zimbabwe would be somewhat less disgusting than it has been for the past 10 years.

99% (NOT 75%) of asylum seekers should not be in the UK. Period. Asylum isnt about getting into a country of your choice, its about the first safe country, nothing more. And if we're in Accords or agreements that say otherwise, we should get out of them.

Tony Makara

Its very important to separate the genuine refugee from economic or political migrants like Viraj Mendis. When a persons life is in danger they should not be deported, the same applies to humanitarian cases, ie, if a woman faced stoning or birching in a country as a result of religious retribution.

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