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Letters From A Tory

Some perfectably reasonable questions, regardless of which political party you support. Her political career is hanging by a thread.


"Some perfectably reasonable questions, regardless of which political party you support. Her political career is hanging by a thread."

Theresa May's career or Harriet Harman's?

James Burdett

"Theresa May's career or Harriet Harman's?"

Oh good grief!


richard, what planet are you on?!

Gurcharan Singh

Other question she needs to answer is
What role (if any ) her husband, Jack Dromy, the treasurer of the Labour party played in her fund raising and was he part of her campaign team when funds for her Deputy Leadership campaign were being raised?
And the Labour Party need to answer what steps Robert Kennedy, Assistant General Secretary as the Head of the Compliance unit take to warn the party about Mr. Abrahams/ Ms. Kidd's donations?

Bent  Treasurer

Are laundered donations subject to forfeiture as impermissible?


Theresa you have been superb in keeping the pressure up. You demolished HH in the House (yes I was sad enough to see it on BBC Parliament). Don't let up.

I hope the party will ask questions about whether Mr. Abrahams himself is a front. If Cabinet ministers have been taking illegal foreign donations... it's no confidence time, isn't it?

James Sproule

Long ago the Labour party got it into their head that they were on some sort of a moral mission to save society which amongst other things meant that while mistakes might be made, they pale into insignificance against the broader moral purpose of their mission. Shame has no part of such a psyche, and therefore Theresa has a difficult task making Harman understand that her actions make her position untenable, and her continuance in her job brings the broader political class into disrepute.

Thankfully, what the above also allows, and at length, is the very great pleasure at seeing one of the most politically correct members of the cabinet being regularly and consummately skewered. Keep it up Theresa!

Clean up our own act

When you look at how many Tory donors have received Peerages and knighthoods, it is difficult to take Mrs May's sanctimonious preaching seriously. Irvine Laidlaw is a classic example.

Tony Makara

It comes to something when a British government is investigated by the police for money laundering. I used to think this sort of thing could only happen in the third world. It brings great shame on our country's reputation around the world. Harriet Harman should do the decent thing, apologise for shaming our country and then resign.


It is perfectly obvious why Ms Harman or her team were prepared to accept the toxic Kidd referral from Leslie. Harman/Dromey are in debt, Harman's bad financial situation exacerbated by Dep Leadership contest dire. In the circumstances you take any money, ask no questions and breath a sigh of relief. Sadly for her, the short cut procedure has been derailed by a short circuit in the system. Harman is huffing and puffing not Ms May. Whether or not she stays in her position her life with Brown will be a misery. She won't rresign she needs the money.

Patsy Sergeant

Just a thought ---- It is interesting that whenever, or of course IF ever one has financial dealings nowadays, at some stage one has to sign a form to do with 'laundering money' - yes? If so, it is interesting that, as it appears!, some of our leaders have no such qualms (apparently!) involving 'laundering' money!

David Belchamber

Quite right, Patsy. I think it is £5,000 and over is it not?
It is very important for us not to go overboard on this and I hope that whoever is accounting for our funds is checking and checking again to see that we will not have embarrassing questions to answer.
Maybe any funds forfeited should go into a pool to help fund political parties (other than the offending one) before a general election. That would really make Incapability/Culpability Brown tear his hair out!

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