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James Burdett

Excellent article if only for the sentence "October was the month the shine started to come off; November was the month the wheels started to come off."


4. They don't know they're born!

Excellent article Theresa. Keep up the pressure.

Jennifer Roberts

Another great article Theresa. Your pieces are consistently insightful. I don't really read the other columnists but I always make an effort to read yours. Please don't stop!

Patsy Sergeant

Yes I quite agree with Jennifer Roberts above, but then since you are 'spoilt for choice' so-to-speak, and have only covered some of the things that you will I am sure be doing in the future, because there just isn't space here - go to it!!


Blasphemy I know, but in my short life I've always supported Labour! The more political awareness I gain, however, just opens my eyes to one thing: they're useless. I had a similar discussion with a friend (instead of 'What does this Government actually know', it was 'What good have they done for us?') and what we found was exactly the same as you: they apparently do not know a thing and have done little positive for this country.

I find it amusing that after this fiasco with these missing private details that they still continue to bleat about ID cards! What ridiculousness! Furthermore, I remember reading an article where they were trying to put forward the idea of our DNA on a database. Then they have the audacity to ask why the public doesn't believe in politicians any more! So much talk, so little action.

This Government is building up an aura of incompetence and I have a feeling it's just going to continue.

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