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Kevin Davis


I started reading this article wondering what the hell Stephen had put on his cornflakes this morning!

I do not disagree with your analysis, as you have clearly done more polling than I have eve done, but is it not the case that the length of time you spend with each of the 1,200 odd people is so short that this type of analysis might well distort the result you are seeking to gain?

Off Message

Brilliant Stephan. I really enjoyed the piece: a good thought-provoking start to the week.

Tony Makara

Interesting article. As someone who is very interested in music it always amuses me to hear people in the media talking about how some group in the charts has released a great piece of music, when actually all the 'Music' you will find in the top 40 isn't music at all but is 'Rhythm' and owes its appeal to repetition, just like advertising. The human brain is very fond of rhythm as anyone who has been hypnotized by the sound of car windscreen wipers will know.

On the subject of polling, it really is impossible to take a perfect poll. Ask person if they are vegetarian, if they are popular with children, like opera, like animals, are interested in art and poetry and are devoted to their mother, and if they were to answer 'yes' to all these then they have the same personality traits of Adolph Hitler. So its a tricky science to get the questions right. I will certainly be voting Conservative at the next election, yet there are points of Conservative policy that I don't agree with, like making single mums work, and if I was interviewed on the issue of working mothers I'd be down as being anti-Conservative. Nontheless we are all intrigued by these polls and enjoy them tremendously.

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