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Chad Noble

Give it a rest Comrade, sorry Comstock.

£60k after tax is barely school fees for three children in the UK these days...

James Cleverly

Why are some Conservatives so keen on attacking Boris? He is the best chance we have of getting a Conservative Mayor and we really should be supporting him.

Advice and criticism is welcome and I know his team would rather have it sent to them directly than via the media.

From the Times article linked above:

"Yesterday Mr Paddick called for the resignation of his former boss, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, despite saying days previously that he had promised Sir Ian that he would not do so."

Is this the kind of thing we want from candidates? Blatant opportunism?

Is it better for Boris to formulate policy properly (as he is doing) or just fire from the hip and hope?


"£60k after tax is barely school fees for three children in the UK these days..."

It's a bugger isn't it. It's a shame the aformentioned tax doesn't include state education for all children free at the point of use.......

FWIW I'm not calling for MPs or the Mayor to get minimum wage or even average wage. I *am* calling on restrictions on what they can do on top.

Any organisation would expect a fairly full on commitment for a 60k plus job, and Westminster or the Mayor of London should be no exception.


Just to note, Boris' website has now been updated......

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