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Tony Makara

I'm not sure whether I can endorse 'Rush Limbaugh's' website as being a blog as Rush is a superstar in America, but rushlimbaugh.com is a good place to go if you like punchy Conservative politics with a lot of humour. Watch out though Rush will expect you to pay to use all the site! You can listen to him for free every weekday on WTIC radio at 1700 uk time. Rush does a three hour show and leaves no liberal stone unturned!

Justin Hinchcliffe

Gosh, my blog is missing! How could you? (-:



we need politicians who are busy DOING THINGS and FIGHTING our political enemies - not spending all day on blogs.

The Big Man Grayling spends his days getting blood on his fists - not reading amateur politicians' musings.

Moral minority

I am surprised that the American townhall.com is missing from Ms Bagshawe's rather strange list. That is most comprehensive Republican site with over 20 regular commentators.

The websites of The American Spectator, Frontpage, The American Conservative, Chronicles magazine and Reason magazine have lots of interesting articles from widely differing perspectives.

Takimag, i.e. online mag of The Spectator's Taki is worth a visit too. Andrew Sullivan's blog at The Atlantic magazine is unmissable. LewRockwell.com is a great libertarian, anti-war site that promotes Ron Paul's campaign for the Republican nomination.

Louise Bagshawe

Justin how could I have forgotten! I also left out the most important ones of all, my Facebook group:


and the campaign website which you can get by clicking on my name!

Moral minority

Knowing Grayling personally, he is anything but leadership material. He may be good at digging for dirt but his policy development skills are awful. And he made a pig's ear of the Fox leadership campaign!


Grayling4Leader is right (for once).

David Davis got to where he is by smacking his opponents about and then viciously claiming their scalps.

I doubt he spends his time reading the would-be member for Maidstone's musings. In fact, he hasn't read anything since he entered parliament.


I have clicked on your website, Louise, and am delighted to see you pictured with the TORY HERO that is ROGER HELMER MEP.

He is the only man in the European Parliament to say it as he sees it - a man who calls a spade a spade.

With his endorsement, I will happily travel up from London to campaign for you.

He is exactly the sort of man we need at Westminster to keep these girly apparatchiks in check and to stab 'em in the back if they betray us, like they did over their fey refusal to commit to RENEGOTIATE our relationship with the EUROPEAN FEDERAL STATE.

Louise Bagshawe

Davis Fan, and on that note, a big mea culpa - in trying to get the blogroll written in 15 minutes this morning I have omitted two of the very best Eurorealist blogs:

Roger Helmer MEP:


Dan Hannan MEP:



and I guess you might mention www.eureferendum.blogspot.com which gets 80,000 hits a day, making it by far the biggest europolemic site - anywhere.

one of the top five right wing blogs for numbers of visitors.

with many posts every day. written by richard north and helen samuel(?) - also excellent on defence.

helmer is great - get his newsletter by email. recommended.

hannan - obviously.

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