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Sally Roberts

Thank God for the Michael's of this world!!!


A terrible story, because parental love should be unconditional to mean anything.

Like all Graeme's columns, it's exceptionally well written. a newspaper should give him a column.

Eileen Holmes

A quote from Archbishop Tutu in the BBC today: "If God, as they say, is homophobic, I wouldn't worship that God." I agree.


A wonderful piece. I'm lucky enough to have my family as well as my partner. Through him I have a whole new 'family' that I'm part of and that I mean something to while I'm still loved greatly by my own family. I think, in the 1980's the Conservative Party simply didn't 'get it.' It was too easily driven by tabloid populism and non existant threats. But we learned.

People ask me why I am a Conservative considering Section 28 etc. I say because they represent me - they respect who I am; a taxpayer who happens to be gay they respect that I want to keep more of what I earn and that I don't want government interference with a hand in my wallet and a nose in my bedroom. I am lucky to be in my early twenties, I'm a sort of 'post Section 28' person and while things are much better, while being gay is becoming a political 'non-issue', I can only be in awe of those men who lived through the worst, for years or even decades with their partner, lost family and friends because they closed their minds, but got through it all.


Thank you Graeme, great article.


I don't think God is homophobic!! My daughter would be mortified if she heard this.

Parental love is unconditional in the Pannell household, as it should be everywhere. We are what we are and should not be moulded into anything else!

PS. Were you just irritated because they had managed to actually buy an i-phone?

Alexander Ellis

How you can hate someone for being something that they are as a result of the genetic code that you've given them yourselves? Bizarre - human beings are wierd and wonderful, but in this case rather less of the wonderful.


As someone lucky enough to know the joys of fatherhood, I cannot believe that parents are capable of disowning their children.

I was once a homophobe of the unthinking type (it just seemed strange) until I shared a house with someone whose idea of dressing up was somewhat different to mine ;) When faced with the stupid reality of your prejudice, a normal person accepts that they are wrong.

I agree with the comment that Graeme deserves a wider (and more profitable audience). He brings home his point in a very enjoyable and meaningful way.

On the point about Gays or any other minority being Conservative, it is only our party that is willing to see people as individuals and not as members of groups. Lefties decide for you that one aspect of your life is so important that only it matters.


FYI - Jasper Cocker may be Jarvis Cocker.


FYI - Jasper Cocker may be Jarvis Cocker.

Posted by: nobody | November 21, 2007 at 06:17 PM

Oh God! Sorry! [beams bright red]


Excellent piece

Firstly, I hope your friend is on the mend by now.

( I paused for a moment before typing this comment, reluctant to say anything political after such a story..... but this is after all a political blog)

Graeme, how do you feel about sharing a party with Leigh, Brazier, Carswell, Winterton etc etc?

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