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Cameron Watt

Couldn't agree more on the frustrations of us all being treated like morons on public transport and in public spaces.

Many thanks for sharing your annoyance, Graham - a very entertaining piece which made me laugh a lot.

Tony Makara

"I’m writing this while sat on a London Fields bench, watching the mums pushing their toddlers"

Graeme, this way well become a thing of the past as politicians make a case for getting mothers into work. Would it not be much better to let mothers enjoy bringing up their children and allow children to enjoy the psychological security of being brought up by their mothers, rather than becoming latch-door kids and falling into alienation and developing and anti-social attitude? Well, thats my view anyway. I agree with David Cameron on most things but I wish David and other politicians would think twice about the knock-on consequences of home-alone kids.

On the subject of angels, there is one that I know of in human form and that is my favourite actress 1950s movie legend Jane Powell (Of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers fame!) That woman has so many good qualities she glows! Read her autobiography and it was the most moving book I've ever read. Jane Powell endured sexual abuse as a child, was made to live in a bubble by the Hollywood machine and had no life outside of movies. She was then sacked for being too wholesome, she had troubles in her marriages, not one was her fault, had a son who became an alcoholic, and in the end she attempted suicide. Thankfully she is still alive today and has found peace of mind in her 70s, but through all her troubles she never stopped being an absolutely first-rate human being who always put others before herself. Definitely an angel in every sense of the word.

Autobiographies are my favourite books, I like the one-to-one style. Most of the autobiographies that I've read are from the world of showbiz and it amazes me how unhappy most entertainers are. Some autobiographies are very candid, for example Esther Williams wrote how she came home one day and found her husband, tough-guy actor Jeff Chandler wearing a dress! Ouch! That must have hurt. Showbusiness is certainly a crazy carnival at time, but with so many extroverts bound together in the same profession should we expect anything less?


Scottish Presbyterians do not kneel for prayer, and we mistook the kneeling-cushion things we found under the pew for cushions to be sat upon.

A family friend got married - many years ago - in the Church of Scotland kirk at Dunino, just outside St Andrews. Whilst waiting for his bride to appear, he knelt down and began to pray.

The Minister saw him, walked up and boomed:

"Get up off your knees. We dinnae grovel to the Lord in this parish."

Fine article, once again, Graeme.


Just nip into the Cat & Mutton. I would.

Matthew Warren

Always good for a rant, Graeme.

You make me smile.
Sending our love from the Isle of Man
Matt Sam and Chess.

Graeme Archer

@armcurl - lol - I did end up passing most of the afternoon and early evening in the Cat&M, but at the time I was writing there were still many cross-legged hours to pass!

Derek L. Piper

Sir, enjoyed the article as always.

Though I do have to disagree with you about decent Americans voting Democrat. To be sure, the perception of the federal front man over the last seven years has damaged the GOP in the eyes of 'educated' voters, but also, keep in mind that Philly (I was born 45 minutes north of it) is an overwhelmingly Dem town. I can assure you that during Giuliani's two terms as mayor in New York decent people of all stripes voted for the Republican.

And there are (hopefully) just enough decent people out there who will see through Mrs. Clinton. I myself am considering printing and distributing tee shirts emblazoned with: "If Hillary Clinton is elected President I am moving to France."

Or maybe, if she wins, "Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying."

Iain Murray

"What I notice about the Americans I know – and none of us are gonna like this – is that decent people vote Democrat, and revile the Republican party. It’s got nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with manner and culture."

Delete Democrat and Republican and replace with Labour and Conservative respectively, and you have a statement that has been commonplace around the dining rooms of Islington for the past 20 years or so. That alone should tell you how asinine the proposition is.

Paul Taylor

Sorry to be peeing all over your epiphany, but there are public toilets in London fields (towards the end of the cycle path at the Hackney end).

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