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Tony Makara

"Asked why more progress had not been made in such areas by the Bush administration he was part of, Gerson argues that compassionate conservatism has never had much support in the GOP, and certainly not in Congress."

I certainly believe this is true. The GOP often marries a Darwinian philosophy with free-market economics. The belief that people best serve themselves by helping themselves and not through state dependency. This ideal works on paper but not in practice. There will always be people in our society who for a variety of reasons, struggle to make their way, and it is these very people that compassionate Conservatism must reach out and help. Of course any such help should be a temporary means-to-an-end and not to foster a lasting dependency culture.

Mr Angry

I was recently changing planes at JFK airport in New York. Whilst walking to the gate I passed a plane of US troops disembarking from a flight from Iraq. The people around spontaneously broke into sustained applause for each and every one of the returning service personnel which lasted for nearly 20 minutes and was heartfelt.

The contrast with the UK couldn't have been greater.

Brigadier Singent Smythe

Mr watt

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I liked that this slipped past the idea of combating AIDS in poor countries. this is what you need to pay special attention to

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