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Chad Noble

#1 How is the money going to be raised to offset the cost of the lifeboat scheme or is this an unfunded commitment?

#2 Why are binding top-down targets needed for carbon reduction but not for other areas like the NHS etc?

Man in a Shed

Theresa - watching from home you all did a great job, not just David Cameron.

What needs to be improved though is the capability to fight in the media. New Labour continue to be able to define debates in their own terms, and successfully divert and channel media interest. (They have the inbuilt advantage of so many friends in the broadcast media.)

For example - they are 'blaming' inheritance tax for their fall in the polls. Clever as it avoid attention for the superb analysis of our broken society presented this week and also get Gordon Brown's shameless spinning of the hook.

You know your communication has succeeded when you here it being repeated back to you in the pub or by the water cooler as conventional wisdom ( think bandwagon, lurch to right etc ). Labour are more disciplined in doing this and we must improve.

Tony Makara

While I recognize that it will not be possible to find work for all the five million jobless with only just over half a million jobs available at any given time, I think it is great news that the Conservatve party is committed to ending the 'Revolving Door' nature of the benefits system. Hopefully the New Labour New Deal will be scrapped and there should be reform of Jobcentreplus and all benefits ought to be brought under one state benefit. The focus ought to be on getting our young into work because they are the group most likely to be drawn into criminal sub-culture as a result of being unemployed.

Louise Bagshawe

Congratulations Theresa on a hugely successful conference. Brown is running scared of our policies. Sorry I missed it, but we organised a major leafleting session in the constituency over three days and are eager for the fight should the Clucking Fist go ahead!

Andrew Lilico

I know what you're thinking, Gord. You're thinking, has the Conservative Party already fired all its bolts, or do they have something left? Well to tell you the truth, we don't even know ourselves in this excitement. But being as this is the Conservative Party, the most powerful election-winning machine in the world and could blow your majority clean off, you've got to ask yourself a question: do I feel lucky? Well do ya, Gord?

David Belchamber

At last the tories are saying what so many of us have been clamouring to hear for months now and you will now get my vote. More of the same and I might even rejoin the Party!
You don't however say anything about Gordon Brown's sheer waste of taxpayers' money since 1997. The tories should attack him on this quoting specifics.
I personally would like to hear a firm commitment from you to look after the disadvantaged in our society as your first priority, before dealing with IHT etc. The able and well-off will always prosper whatever the government.
Specific commitments I would like to see:
1. raise the personal tax threshold to £10K and take millions out of tax and benefits.
2. work with charities such as Shelter and the Salvation Army to eradicate homelessness.
3. put Shaun Bailey in charge of an initiative to rescue inner city kids.
4. simplify the tax system and consider whether negative income tax could replace all or most forms of benefit.
Finally, the tories should be highlighting that, if GB does call an election after the weekend, it will be Labour's fourth since 1997, which shows how little they are interested in the needs of the country and how much more they are interested in the Laour Party and their own legacies.

Louise Bagshawe

My favourite ever Andrew Lilico post! :)

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