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Phil Roberts

Great idea Theresa. How about something for the armed forces? It's a disgrace that we don't make them feel appreciated. I keep reading about squalid accommodation and this week there was even a story about how a petrol station attendant wouldn't serve an army captain because he was in uniform. Disgraceful.

Malcolm Dunn

I'd be really interested to hear how your roadshows go Theresa.I'm particular keen to know whether the majority of attendees are genuinely 'ordinary people' or political anoraks or worse activists like us!

Tony Makara

Great initiative, and such a contrast with the top-down rule-by-directive style of Labour. Tony Blair did much to undermine confidence in the parliamentary process and the Labour government has shown such arrogance when it has had the whip hand.

The Conservative party should work overtime to create a presence in redbrick towns like Wigan and Sheffield, areas that have been Labour dominated for generations and failed by Labour for generations. Sadly in such towns the Conservative party is seen by many as being 'All for the rich' and this is a Labour inspired myth that must be smashed.

Chad Noble

Well you guys have proposed (20th March 2006) to replace voluntarily funded parties with a state funding formula that means brave independent MP's will not get a penny, parties with one MP will get nothing but the big parties will help themselves to millions of pounds of taxpayers money.

That's hardly going to make the people think that you are seeking to get closer to them.

And when you make a 'cast iron' guarantee on anything, and actually use the words 'cast-iron', you must ensure you deliver and not insert caveats later as trust will just drain away.

John Strafford

I fully support what you are doing so visited your roadshow web site. Your West Midlands visit on 24th October is still shown as "venue TBC" so who was invited and did it take place?


I am sorry this sounds like more patronising tosh, and something similar to Brown's citizen juries, a development I loathe, and more about Brown getting the answers he wants from questions he asks than any regard for 'consultation'.

But if you have determined the need for a 'road-show' in order to find out what people are thinking, what does that say of our supposed representatives? Aren't they the ones picking up the big bucks to represent their constituents in Parliament?

So if you have determined the need for a roads-show, what you actually don't need is a road-show, what you need to find out is why our so called representatives are so ignorant of what their constituents want, and failing to presenting their views in Parliament.

Mr Logic

Iain, I'm afraid your point is incoherent. You argue that MPs should know what people want discussed, that it's a poor show that they don't, but at the same time you think it's patronising for Theresa to consult people. Your reaction is typical of many on this site - knee-jerk negativity, expressed with all the pomposity of somebody who knows a great deal, but in fact knows very little.


"Your reaction is typical of many on this site - knee-jerk negativity,"

I thought I was being constructive and making the logical conclusion to T.May's proposal for some road shows, in that we don't need road shows, what we need are our MP's, our so called representatives, doing their job of representing their constituents in Parliament. So we don't want Parliament patronisingly brought to the people, but as it should be, people being represented in Parliament!

Moral minority

The new Equality and Human Rights Commission is a disgrace and should be abolished. It is time to close down the race relations (sic), equal opportunities (sic) and human rights (another sic) industries. They are statist means of social engineering and attacking civil liberties. We must fight for free speech, attack political correctness and be free to run our businesses with inteference from busybodies like Mrs May.

Moral minority

Apologies for the typo - my post should have read "free to run our businesses WITHOUT interference from busybodies like Mrs`May".

BTW, why is there a Shadow Minister for Women but not Men? That is blatant sexism!

Lindsay Jenkins

Yes the Commons is distant from the people, Mrs May is right. But why?

The overwhelming problem with the Commons today is party control, something Mrs May fails to mention.

Party control tends to produce MPs of an average to low standard and limited experience – some have even failed when they attempted careers and one or two have never had one.

The few – from all parties - who have wide experience and are of high intellect do make voters sit up, take notice and debate the issues.

And then there is voting – nearly all divisions are by party. How dull and indeed rigid is that. As a form of entertainment it would be bottom of the league table. As an arm of democratic government its a disaster.

So tackle the issue of party conformity Mrs May and you may have a large part of your answer.

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