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Rachel Joyce

Thanks for this piece Theresa, well written and a good summary of where we are. Interesting reference to the TA. Just shows the type of people we are dealing with here - institutionally prejudiced against many different groups of people. We doctors have felt the weight of their institutional anti-professional prejudice, and other groups too - so hardly surprising.

James Maskell

I was disappointed to note that neither Ed Balls nor Michael Gove mentioned looked after children with regards to educational acheivement. The figures show clearly that they are well behind the rest of the country and yet it is not being discussed. They are not the same as SEN pupils.

Alex Swanson

"failed to provide them with proper equipment"

In the interests of objectivity, I have to point out that I was in the TA during the early 1980's, under a Tory govt, and the forces weren't exactly swimming in kit then either.

Scoring political points is one thing, I think actually producing the goods in power remains to be seen.

Moral minority

If David Cameron wants to capitalise on his good week and poll bounce, he should announce that a future Conservative government would withdraw all troops from Iraq within six months of taking office.

Cameron should also state his opposition to Britain being involved in a US attack on Iran. Our armed forces should be used for defence only (in partnership with Nato, not the EU). Britain must not attack sovereign nations who have not attacked us.

cv examples

I largely agree with the previous speaker

Cv examples

Your article made me cheer..opinions to see so accurate!

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