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Amen to every word

Politics is about people, which is why where we have strong Associations where we campaign on the doorstep and in the street we hold on when the bad times come.

On the other hand:

Ribble Valley, Eastleigh, Christchurch, Guildford:

Camvassing, surveys, communication, relevance - and talking to the media abour 1379th on my list....

Tony Makara

I agree that some people prefer the personal touch but there are others who look at the national picture and it is those who have to be reached by air, web and printed press. There is certainly no doubt that voters appreciate a candidate who pounds the pavements but there are also the cynics too who say "We only see you at election time" so any sort of personal approach needs to be followed up regularly by party activists. Little things like the promise of a complaints hotline would enhance a candidates standing. People certainly feel more engaged if they have a right of redress.



Moral minority


Chris Chope has increased his majority massively since winning the seat back from the Lib Dems! His majority is now 15,559 compared to 2165 in 1997. The Lib Dems won the 1993 by-election with a majority of 16,427.

Treacle should be praising Chris's fantastic electoral performance in Christchurch!! It is due to very hard work throughout each Parliamentary term.

Justin Hinchcliffe

And Nigel Evens has a big majority in Ribble Valley!

Don Hoyle

At the risk of tipping off our opponents, who read this blog, apparently, this is correct.

I won my first borough council election by 6 votes. I stood against a Labour activist, ex-MK Mayor whose name, to this day, adorns the "This council chamber was opened by..." plaque in MK Civic Offices; I always reckon that it was the half-dozen people I spoke to in the street, and handing them leaflets, that did it.


Interesting that such an important subject receives only 5 comments on its thread - is that a record?

Or does it mean that everyone agrees and they're out knocking doors and not in, like me, looking at this site?


Looks interesting. Do you have the name and authors of the paper?

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