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Letters From A Tory

It is amazing how detached most politicians are from the 'real world'. You only have to spend some time sitting down and talking to people to realise that a lot of them share common concerns which need to be dealt with quickly but carefully - especially the amount of money people have in their pockets.

Tony Makara

I must admit I've been critical of polls in the past but there is no doubt that the polls scared the life out of Gordon Brown. I certainly agree that politicians should be in tune with what the public want. That is true representative democracy and the complete opposite of the top-down ideologically driven politics we get handed down to us by Labour. The great advantage David Cameron has over Gordon Brown is that David listens to people and Brown talks at people. David Cameron is making a real connection with the British people and making a real case for Conservative change in our country.

Angelo Basu

LFAT- I agree. Yesterday my wife and I went for a walk with a couple of neighbours. They are on the face of it about as far away from me politically as I could imagine, being ultra-green, left-leaning people who dream of a Scandinavian-style social democracy and who would rather we became more European and less American. But their views on legal immigration from the EU would have made the government blanch if it had any shame. If archetypal New Labour supporters like them can see that the government has shut down intelligent debate on immigration and the impact it has on services and housing so as to call into question how much tax we pay and whether it is well spent, then there is hope that we can show that there is a better way.

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