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Tony Makara

People really have to be realistic about politics and accept that they won't agree on every issue of policy or for that matter presentation. What matters is that people subscribe to the wider package, and compare that to the alternatives! Recognize and debate differences of opinion, but recognize and appreciate common ground too. As David Cameron says we are all in this together, as a party and as a nation. We may not agree on eveything but lets try to work together and make our country right again.

Tony Sharp

Is this kind of navel-gazing really doing us any good this week of all weeks? Do you not think your column would have been better used energising Conservatives to unite and step up to the fight against Labour in anticipation of a possible election?

I feel that reminding Conservatives of what unites us, what the alternative to conservatism is and why we should fight to defeat that alternative as presented by Gordon Brown and Labour might have been more appropriate.

John Coles

Not the sort of pious preaching needed at this critical time.
A potentially provocative bit of pontificating.
But then, he's young isn't he? Cool.


I think this message IS needed at this time. We have been catching up with Lab in the polls over the last few days because of the loyalty and unity shown at the Party Conference, so why attack Peter for encouraging such behaviour?

Paul Oakley

Hmmm. I'm with Tony and John on this. As an historical observation it's backwards and unhelpful. As a current critique it's wholly wrong. Blackpool was buzzing about inheritance tax; the referendum pledge; the broken covenant etc etc etc. There was not a whisper of dark skulduggery being afoot.

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